Gene Simmons on Fox and Friends – big Wounded Warrior benefactor

Listen to the whole video if you can, but especially after 6min spot.

“Politicians don’t give us freedom. It’s our troops.”

5 responses to “Gene Simmons on Fox and Friends – big Wounded Warrior benefactor

  • Ray

    It is a shame that men who served in non war time claim to be wounded warriors. When the true wounded warriors are in need of care some act like criminals and use the system to avoid working and become lazy fat drug addicts robbing the true wounded warrior finds I for one am glad they claim it is a backlog holding the so called claim sleep issues are from the over use of narcotics and being obese, be a real warrior drop the weight and work like a man should everyone has back pain your problem is you Lazy fat con artist

  • samhenry

    I saw the show and Simmons is a wonderful human being. On another show this week, he said he and his wife were meant to be together. He was so sweet about her and she gave in. She had been mad at him. Who wouldn’t. And their kids are wonderful.

  • chris siemssen

    I am a wounded warrior that has a claim pending with the Veterans Administration for almost 3 years now (since Jan 09). I have a letter from my congressman, Charles Gonzalez from Texas saying that I would have an answer in about two weeks from September 23, 2011. Now the VA claims they need more records…as of October 7, 2011, All I am asking is for the VA to make a decision on my request for increase. Vocational Rehabilitation has recommended me for Unemployability due to my condition. They have provided a recommendation in writing. I have been diagnosed with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and asking this Sleep Apnea to be service connected to my cervical spine issues. There is a document by a VA Doctor on the website under my healtheVet for spinal cord trauma. The sleep doctor stated a connection between my cervical spine issues and the sleep apnea. A general practioner provided me with a letter stating that my “Cervical Spine issues are partially if not completely responsible for the sleep apnea issues. How much more clearer do I need to be?
    The VA is claiming only their Houston Regional Offices are backlogged. Why isn’t someone responsible to ensure the VA is adequately staffed so veterans like myself aren’t left hanging.
    I’m beginning to feel like criminals have more rights than our nation’s veterans. At least criminals have the right to a speedy trial…

  • roxannadanna

    Thank you Andy for that link and for your post.

    Please come back again!

  • Andy DiGelsomina

    This is terrific. Kiss are huge stars, helping to spread the word on the real Heavy Metal Heroes, the veterans. We can all help these great men and women by visiting

    and giving.

    I am so proud of Kiss for doing this, but I’m even more proud of all the brave men and women who fought so we could all have a chance to live out our dreams!

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