Friedman: Government has no responsibility, People do

The government has produced the poor and continues to keep them that way. I heard an author on talk radio call Sharpton and Jackson “poverty pimps” which is what all liberals/marxists are. The goal is to keep them poor and keep their votes by continuing to handle all their needs.

Here’s a great Milton Friedman flashback on the role of society and the poor:

2 responses to “Friedman: Government has no responsibility, People do

  • roxannadanna

    No kidding, Deidre. Everything is relative, isn’t it? In a book that Glenn Beck wrote several years ago, I think before he even went to Fox, he wrote that of those who are below the poverty level in America, about 70some% own microwave ovens and color tvs.

    It would be interesting to know how many of those now own cell phones and computers.

    How “poor” is poor in America? As Mark Levin has said, people choose to own cell phones but not health insurance. Does it then become my responsibility to provide them with health care?

  • Deirdre

    Milton Friedman was so great. I love the last 45 seconds of this video, where he talks about American poor being relatively rich compared to the rest of the world.

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