Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) enters bill to prevent lame duck session

The bill, entered today, will prevent the House from meeting between election day and the first day of the new 112th session of Congress in January.

The bill would prevent a lame duck session from pushing through stuff like crap-n-tax and card check.

The GOP is trying to prevent the House from meeting during the lame duck and do further damage to the nation. It’s going to be a strictly partisan vote and won’t stand a chance of passing.

What democrat in his right mind would vote to relinquish power back  to the people where it rightly belongs? Their track history has been to vote in opposition to everything their constituents have been telling them. They have not listened to the American people yet, why should that change now?

Although it’s not going to pass, it will inflict further damage on the progressive democrats at the polls this November. Those representatives are now on record – once again – as voting contrary to what the people want.

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