Time Editor Rick Stengel on Controversial Afghanistan Cover – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Has the left finally faced up to their hypocrisy? At least one journalist apparently has.

Magazine Editor Tells Katie Couric he Wanted People to be `Confronted` by Consequences of U.S. Withdrawal Read more by Brian Montopoli on CBS News’ Political Hotsheet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.Time Editor Rick Stengel on Controversial Afgha…, posted with vodpod

4 responses to “Time Editor Rick Stengel on Controversial Afghanistan Cover – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

  • samhenry

    Hi there coffe cup above.

    About this picture: This is a symbol for the atrocities of this war. Such a beautiful young woman who bravely poses to make this point. Unbelievable.

  • ClassicFilm

    Absolutely chilling. Great post, but disturbing. The atrocities against women by Muslims is despicable… why does Obama feel compelled to apologize for WWII, six-plus decades ago, but closes his eyes to this kind of horror that is happening here and now to women?

    Is it because Dear Leader fears that a fatwa will be lodged if he dare criticizes the murderers and abusers, or because Americans, for the most part, are reasonable and won’t react violently to his insults of our nation? Better to insult American voters across the globe than dare offend murderous Islamic nutjobs, eh, Barry?

    We treat our pets better than many of these women are treated. I wish that 1/100th of the energy liberals expend to justify illegal aliens entering our country in the dead of night would be spent on decrying the Islamic mentality and brutality of its women. Disfigurement, stoning, beheading… all in the name of Allah and to obeying the oppressive, tyrannical Muslim men folk.

    Oh, wait, women in Saudi Arabia can’t be registered as Democrats… that explains why there is no interest from the hypocritical libs. Gotcha.

    • roxannadanna

      It never ceases to amaze me at the hypocrisy of the left. They scream about civil rights of these illegals and yet make no mention of the human trafficking and pedophilia that is going on over our borders, every single day!
      They denounce Israel for protecting their homeland and stopping a bogus “peace” flotilla but turn a blind eye to what the Muslims in that area are doing to the little girls and women there.
      It’s appalling! And I’m out of words to describe them.

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