Charles Sherrod- another race baiter

You have 26mins to view this? It’s pretty enlightening. And this reverenced by Mark Levin today,  is a must read at Riehl World View.

He’s a reverend. Did you know that?

These black activits are bound and determined that we return to the days when black men are beaten and hanged by “the white man.” There can be no other reason for this continued dialogue about racism and KKK atrocities. There is little discussion on how far black Americans have come, like for instance to the oval office, from these men of power. There seems to be little celebration for the philanthropy of black women like Oprah Winfrey.

No. They are spending their time drudging up an admittedly horrific past while the future is passing them by. Men like Sharpton and Sherrod don’t even realize they have become relics. While the rest of America tries to move into the future and leave this history behind, they continue to force this into our faces. How many times do white Americans need to acknowledge that yes, there is a horrible history and it’s shameful to this nation what happened to blacks in America.

But when does the day finally come for these black ministers and activists to set this behind and join the rest of  us? That day will never come. Because if that day comes, they will no longer have a cause. As Bill Ayers lamented when the Viet Nam war ended, what will happen now? We no longer have a issue to rail against.

The answer is that they will never let racism go because it will mean their ideological death.


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