It just never ends! When will they leave us alone to just LIVE???

Hidden in the million page health care bill is a new tax on precious metals and those who do business in them.

[E]very time a member of the public sells more than $600 worth of gold to a dealer, Piret said, the transaction will have to be reported to the government by the buyer.

More taxes. More paperwork for the buyer and seller to send to the IRS. More expense to the small businessman who deals in coins. Everything this government can do to make life harder and more expensive to the little guy… remember him? The little guy that the leftists say they are trying to protect all the time?

But it’s a Republican who’s trying to repeal this part of the law:

Rep. Daniel Lungren, R-Calif., has introduced legislation to repeal the section of the health care bill that would trigger the new tax reporting requirement because he says it’s a burden on small businesses.

Remember the Republicans? the bad guys who are concerned with no one but the CEOs? Well this Republican is looking out for me and I’m not CEO of anything. I have a small amount of gold that I purchased this year. But large enough that it will require more tax forms and more IRS information.

And we can’t go on with this story without mention that Glenn Beck (as well as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin) are being investigated for some so-called dirty dealings with Goldline:

The recently revealed investigation by California authorities into consumer complaints against Goldline International, which has used Beck as a pitchman, and Superior Gold Group (which has not) has put a spotlight on what one liberal leaning politician, Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., calls the “unholy alliance” between gold coin sellers, such as Goldline, and conservative talk personalities, such as Beck.

This government will not stop until they run and own and tax every portion and moment of our lives. This abuse of the citizens has to stop! We have to stop this and we have to get these people out of office.  When I read this story from Drudge, my frustration level went from 0-90 in 2 seconds. Did those people who voted for this man have all this in mind when they cast their votes? If it is, then they are in the wrong country. Venezuela has room for them, I’m sure.

I am sick and tired of my rights being abused at every turn by Obama and his marxists followers.

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