Joining the ranks of the unemployed but not for long!

As of last week I joined the ranks of the unemployed. In fact, 4 of us were let go, fired, laid off – call it what you like. Of the four, 3 of us were per diem nurses. Per diem nurses make more money and cost facilities more. I believe that is the reason we were “let go” even though they found some bogus reasons to do the deed.

So here I am – unemployed. Initially, it was a depressing moment. But I’ve picked myself up and have spent the last few days recovering and recharging, catching up with laundry, actually fixing meals again and cleaning my sewing room. I’ve even cleaned out my closet.

The funny thing is that it never occurred to me to apply for unemployment. A friend asked me the other day if I had checked into that and I was astonished that it had never crossed my mind. Like most everyone else who is like me, personal responsibility is utmost in my mind. I don’t think about how I can be saved by the government, Publishers Clearing House or some dying relative who is leaving me a minor fortune.  It’s not how my mind works. All I think about is how do I solve this situation as quickly as I can.

A couple of weeks ago I had seen the writing on the wall and the pattern of nurses being  “laid off” where I was working. I really knew it was a matter of time before I would be next on the chopping block. So I started a half-hearted job hunt then and applied at one of my old (and favorite) facilities. They didn’t seem real anxious to take my application so I wrote that off as a waste of time. And then surprise! today, they called me for an interview next week. And as off today, I have a line on 2 other job possibilities.

But honestly, if none of these jobs pan out for me, I’m fully prepared to go back to clerking in a bookstore for minimum wage or sweeping floors at Taco Bell. Minimum wage is more wage than I have now. And working is important to my ego, my outlook and my self image. Being unemployed could be fun but in the end, I think the fact that I’ve had a lifetime career and then not, would become a real downer for me. I’ve always had a job and I just can’t imagine not.

Now on a high note and for those who don’t believe in miracles – meet me. My last appointment with  my oncologist, post MRI, was excellent. No tumor growth, at all… none in 4 years. My doctor can’t tell me why it’s stopped growing but so far, it has. The miracle started the night I had the seizure that alerted me to a brain tumor which I had at work with 3 other nurses who knew what to do and how to care for me until the ambulance arrived. That seizure could have happened 2 hours earlier while I was driving to work and I could have killed people. But next to an ER, God couldn’t have put me in a safer place to seize in.

Three job opportunities in less than a week of unemployment and continued no growth brain tumor, 2 healthy children and a first grand baby on the way. God can’t bless me too much more than this.

Miracles continue. . .  just watch for them.


16 responses to “Joining the ranks of the unemployed but not for long!

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  • samhenry

    I am so glad I know you. You are so grounded and human in spite of a tumor that perhaps tried to put you off your game and make you more of a grump than you are. You have such insight into all of that – the kind that comes from living it from the inside out.

    Unemployment is, we hope, temporary. Children, grand baby and you – here for the duration – and that Steve person, too.

    Bless you, Roxi and all who are fortunate to know you or have been in your care.

    An Ole Dawg

  • steve

    You go girl! That’s all because you’re special!
    About 5 years ago I was “let go” by the folks I was working for. I took about 8 days and drove to California to visit my brother. (the first contact at all in over 26 years, and just a fluke we even made contact) When I got back to Texas I was hired to work at a concrete company about 35 miles from my home. The company was owned by Hispanics and only family members were in management. I was hired to replace their plant manager (Hispanic family friend) as he was going to try to go back to college. About 4 months later, he decided to return and the owner let me go, thanking me for really helping their small business. That was a Friday. The next day the guy whose place I took was working there and I was unemployed. Monday morning, looking for a job, I got 5 calls from people in the concrete business around Ft. Worth, saying a concrete company was looking specifically for me after they heard I was ‘released’. I drove to the plant (6 miles from my home) and interviewed with the owner. I started the next day. Been here ever since. A blessing I of all people don’t deserve.

    • roxannadanna

      You hit the nail on the head with this statement “A blessing I of all people don’t deserve.”

      Why do we always believe we don’t deserve to be blessed? I’m exactly the same way and think that way, too. And we have a tendency to think that other people deserve the blessings more than we do. Is that humility?

      ah well. . . it’s all to deep-thinking for me and I’m no Jack Handy. LOL

      I’m just blessed to know people like all of you in this patriotic cause. And countless other blessings in my life. . .

  • VotingFemale

    And Hi to Classic Films aka Vicki @ Frugal Cafe!

    I have just recently recovered from and extended illness and surgery to start blogging again… was in the hospital for over a month… two surgeries, and no Fox News and no internet access.

    Still in pain but it is better and I am strong enough to sit in a chair and walk around (and blog).

    • roxannadanna

      I wondered what had happened when I kept going to your blog and seeing no new posts.

      I’m so glad you’re back home and have your old habits back – blogging and Fox. LOL I tell you when I’m without Fox and my computer for more than 24 hours, the tremors start! LOL

      My God… I sure hope you’re well on the road to recovery. I’m so glad to see you back!

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  • ClassicFilm

    Dearest Roxy,

    Hugs across the miles to you… I’ve been there several times. It does hurt less with each layoff, but it’s still a blow to self-esteem and the bank account. However, I’ve always landed on my feet (and often, with a better job as a result), and I am more than confident the same will happen for you, dear friend. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. 🙂

    You are in my prayers through this difficult, but potentially wonderful time. Any time you want to vent or scream or cry or give good news, shoot me an email… you know the address. Fabulous news about the tumor!!!! Power of prayer, dear heart, power of prayer…

    Love you, girl!

    Vicki aka ClassicFilm

    • roxannadanna

      Aaaaaaaaaah! So nice of you to post here!

      You know, I really really do believe that there’s a reason for everything that happens. Like you, I’ve always found a job and it’s almost always been better than the last. This is the first time I’ve been “rifted” (military lingo) from a job though and so, yes I had a few pretty low days last week. I didn’t post here for several of them.

      But I’m feeling like everything will work out – sooner than maybe I’d like – lol. I was actually planning on some real cleaning during this out-of-work time – my garage is nothing short of horrendous. Gee… I might not get that done after all…. aaaaaaaahahahahaha!

      The tumor is something truly amazing to me. 4 summers ago, I was a total mess. I thought my days were really numbered and I had to get it all done and do it all and see it all and SPEND it all because there weren’t going to be enough days left for me. And I can tell you – I DID spend it all! lol

      But for whatever reason that I’ve still not figured out, I have had this awakening because of the tumor. I’ve become a better Christian, for sure. And it’s not stopped me from doing anything, including walking through airport metal detectors. (I have a small titanium plate in my head from the biopsy 4 years ago.) I do everything I’ve always done.

      Sometimes I have a bad day and do or say something that I go out of my way to later make amends for. I believe in asking for forgiveness and giving it, myself. I’m not always as nice or good as I should be. I know it. But no one is perfect and we all do things we later are sorry for.

      That summer, 4 years ago, I kept asking “why me? What did I do to deserve this?” I mean, I’m not the best or most righteous or nicest person you’ll ever meet, but I’m sure not a serial killer, I don’t kick dogs and I’ve never beat my kids.

      But the why no longer really matters to me anymore. God picked this for me for a reason. I don’t know what reason – maybe I’ll never know the reason – but I do stop and remember the things that he’s blessed me with every day.

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  • VotingFemale

    Sorry to hear about the bad luck, dear.

    Chin up and forward march!

    You go girl!

    • roxannadanna

      Oh man – thank you for posting here VF and reading!

      You know, I do believe that all the firings at my facility are an indirect result of ObamaCare and it’s future terrifying impact on health care. There are right now, around 90 patients where I worked and for the last 3 nights there have been 2 nurses on duty. That’s way below substandard. We usually had 3 (with a med tech) or ideally 4 nurses, at night.

      This is unsafe for the patients. Not to mention that care will be substandard. It’s also unsafe for the nurses who have licenses to protect.

      But none of this matters to the bean counters there. It’s all about the money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a dyed in the wool capitalist and I believe in making money and keeping it. There has to be however, protection for the people who depend on them for care and for keeping them alive, for cryin’ out loud!

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