2 more good reasons Gov. Perry should boycott the Governors border meeting


from the WSJ story - Huckabee and Quijas in a Mexican prison.

Mexico is torturing and falsely imprisoning our citizens and our government just doesn’t care. The consulate tells the family of these men (in the WSJ story) that they can’t and won’t do anything to help, although there are claims of torture by the authorities. This would never happen in America. Accusations of torture by prisoners in America, usually end with someone being fired, tried and thrown in jail. (If the victim is a minority, riots also ensue.) These men, in Mexican jail, must feel totally forsaken and hopeless. They can’t even get an attorney who can speak English, for cryin’ out loud!

The American government is so consumed with a law in Arizona that mirrors federal law that they ignore what’s happening to our citizens in Mexico. The bleeding heart left and its government can’t be concerned with the allegations of torture from American citizens who have been arrested and are being tried in Mexico. They are too busy screaming racism in Arizona.

I hope Americans stop going to Mexico. I have friends who go there to purchase medication or for very cheap dental work, others who go there for vacation. This is a dangerous place and our government doesn’t care what happens there. They especially don’t care what happens to our citizens if they are arrested and then tortured.

This government is giving Mexico over $1billion (which we really don’t have) to fight drug cartels. That’s in addition to the over $20billion of  US money a year that legal and illegal workers send home to Mexico. They get plenty of our money.  Americans should not be spending a single dime in that country.

And they seem to get plenty of respect from our politicians, too. Remember this:

A standing OVATION? I am still outraged when I see this.

Until there is a fair judicial and legal system in Mexico (hey! did you see those pigs fly by?) Americans are obligated to avoid business with Mexico. We owe it to our fellow citizens  – Huckabee, Quijas and all others – to stand firm against Mexico.

2 responses to “2 more good reasons Gov. Perry should boycott the Governors border meeting

  • roxannadanna

    The fact the Perry spoke to LaRaza is evidence enough that he’s not a conservative and he in no way mirrors any of my philosophies of constitutional government, self reliance and individual responsibility. LaRaza has called for the dismantling of the entire SouthWest and giving it back to Mexico. You know really, this group has called for insurrection but it’s the TEA party that gets all the false publicity about armed revolution.

    What a country we are living in. As Mark Levin said last week “Where has my country gone? I gotta get out of here, but where do I go?” LOL

  • steve

    Rick Perry is a phony. He’s playing both sides of the illegal immigration fence. I just read last week that Texas has filed a brief in support of Arizona, yet where he really stands is here:


    This quote by him makes me sick:
    “As we improve border security and as we sustain legitimate commerce, we ensure that no one demonizes people because of the color of their skin or the sound of their last name.”

    You know what frustrates me the most is how our vote has been hijacked. We in Texas are forced to vote for Perry or White, and real conservatives don’t want either one. The old saying vote for the lesser of two evils.
    Debra Medina was the very best conservative choice during the primary. But, thanks to Glenn Beck,s (New York) ambush of her on national radio, she got killed.

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