You absolutely, positively don’t want this bailout

UPS is lobbying congress for a bailout because they can’t compete with FedEx. This is nothing short of another union (Teamster) maneuver. Go here and watch all the videos and read all the information.

“This is political favoritism at it’s worst, benefiting only UPS and the Teamsters while raising transportation costs across the country.  FedEx has been able to break a decades-long UPS monopoly on parcel delivery, reducing costs to millions of costumers.  The competition is healthy for everyone, and the best way for UPS to gain its edge is to get out from under the current rules or persuade the Teamsters that they’ll lose their jobs if they won’t change. This Teamsters bailout is worth a GOP filibuster if it ever makes it to the Senate floor.” WSJ, April 26, 2010


2 responses to “You absolutely, positively don’t want this bailout

  • roxannadanna

    No one seems to know about this. It’s like a big secret that UPS/Teamsters have lobbied for this wording in a bill that will damage it’s competitor, Fed/Ex.
    If I can avoid it, I will never use UPS again. I’d rather use the incompetent USPS before UPS.
    Competition is what makes a person or his business better. Cutting off the competition at the knees is a cowardly way to make it to the finish line. That’s what they are trying to do to Fed/Ex.

  • samhenry

    You have been busy over here. Great find – this story. UPS workers are very well paid. I can’t remember if they often work for themselves or not. But this is just gangster capitalism. I will not soon again use UPS.

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