Bill Whittle and Declaration Entertainment

Bill Whittle and his colleague have started a new movie corporation that emphasizes American values that have been lost in Hollywood for the last several decades. I hope they get the support they need, both financially and from the public.

8 responses to “Bill Whittle and Declaration Entertainment

  • John

    How about making a film about the 1st Minnesota Volunteers at Gettysburg? They remain faceless and nameless except for the leaders. What made each and every one of them stand their ground knowing their fate. I know Thermopylae had the same theme, but they were not Americans.

  • Sonny119

    Sorry, I posted the PJTV segment on bill maher, instead of your web site design and content..
    Anyways.. I like it..

  • Sonny119

    OUTSTANDING introspective and perception on the insanely moronic narcissistic self-decreeing superiority of his own unintelligent intellect, all due to his obsessive and incessant need for others to acknowledge all of this.. what a sad and pathetic human being mr. bill maher is… as he is truly without a soul or conscience.. how much more can one be in inner hell, than he..
    So Sad, Pathetic, and even Morbid..

  • Anshaw


    Wonderful idea – thank you.

    I really hate to complain but your logo, which you evidently see as a stylized “D” looks like a stylized “SS”.

  • samhenry

    I don’t go to movies much anymore because there are not any good ones – only the indies. Hollywood has been lowering entertainment standards for decades now and it has come home to roost. It’s all gimmicks – not even so sophisticated as smoke and mirrors.

    I don’t get Turner but I do have DVDs of a lot of old movies AND I have the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House up in Rochester. It has the largest movie collection back to the first films outside MOMA and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris. They have a wonderful Theater for viewing and give lots of awards to people in the industry.

    • roxannadanna

      Wow! what a wonderful resource that is. I would love to go to that place. I love old movies… even the silent ones and on either TCM or AMC, late late at night they show silent ones.
      The problem with Hollywood (as a collective thought) is that they want to make sure the entire world sees America through their prism. And it’s distorted.
      By far – by far – as a nation, we have done greater and better things and moved civilizations the world over, farther than any other nation in the history of the world. And yet, Hollywood wants to send out a message of the “ugly American” to the world.
      But we all know this and I’m preaching to the choir here. America is the greatest nation ever. And by God, we are going to make sure that she continues to be that… no matter what the statists try to do!

  • roxannadanna

    If I ever get flush with money, I want to donate to this cause. I’ve basically boycotted movies (in theaters) for the last 2 years and I don’t buy or rent them either and all because of the anti-American message coming out of Hollywood.
    Like my big brother, I’ve become a big fan of Turner Classic Movie channel (although I can’t stand the Tedster, either LOL!)

  • samhenry

    This is wonderful, R. Thanks for posting this.

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