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And I sent a letter to this sack of dog — crap, too

Dear Congressman Stark,

I will put every spare penny I have into seeing that you are not re-elected. Your comments to and about your constituents have gone way over the top. It’s time you are voted out of office and I will be proud to aid in that endeavor.



This guy needs to go the same way of Alan Greyson (“Republicans want you all to die and die quickly”.)  These are 2 of the most arrogant, lying, condescending, jackasses in this government.

Stark is the guy who said, back in 2003 I believe, that Bush was sending young Americans to Iraq to have their heads blow off for his (Bush’s) amusement. Did you ever  hear about this back then? Of course not. That’s the lame stream media for you. Protect the Bush haters and bash Bush at every turn.

But by God, do not let “you lie!” go without 2 weeks worth of prime time coverage.

My swear-o-meter is off the charts. I’m so angry with this government, with these politicians that I can hardly contain myself.

The Pledge controversy in Massachusetts – What I always do, I wrote some letters

Story here at the Arlington Advocate site.

Dear Ms. Bodie,

If I am not mistaken, your wages and those of your teachers are paid by the federal government. That money comes from people like me. It’s people like me who your high school principal Charles Skidmore is snubbing with his outrageous refusal to pledge allegiance to the flag that represents the nation and people who pay his and your wages.

Who is the Leba Heighman that she has any say on whether teachers can recite the pledge or not? Her concern for the rights of those who would rather not recite it, needs to be revisited. Perhaps those teachers should consider their discomfort level when they cash their federal (tax paid) paychecks.

It’s because of teachers, principals and school board members like you have in Arlington that so many of us are opposed to your unions and the poor job performances that we taxpayers are forced to support.


Roxanne  (and my location)

If you’re of the mood, email Superintendent Bodie, Principal Skidmore and the local newspaper and register your complaint about this.  The school website is here.

That page also includes the phone number to Skidmore’s office.