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Okay.. so now we’re friends? This guy’s never gonna learn!

New BFF going out for cheeseburgers

The Obama administration may have illusions that a new era of peace and good will has broken out between Moscow and Washington. But the complaints [against a Russian spy ring] make clear that Moscow has never stopped trying to collect information about the society its agents infiltrated and continued spying on.

Oh give me a break! A Russian spy ring broken up and Obama thinks we can be friends with them? Take the red chief out for cheeseburger and the whole reset button business will correct years of suspicion.

If this isn’t the height of naivety, nothing is. What will it take for people to figure out what a knucklehead president we have?

The New York Times reported this morning that President Obama was not “happy” about the timing of the arrests so close to his fabled cheeseburger exchange with Russia’s president.

Of course he’s not happy! Does this not make him look even more dopier than usual? I am seriously laughing my ass off here. He can’t possibly prove himself less qualified for this job.

What he should be unhappy about is Russia’s spying, with what its “business as usual” attitude suggests about how Russia sees its relationship with Washington: Leaders change; interests usually don’t.

Interests only change if you’re the current American president. His interest is in making us more red and more like them.

The continuation of a spy ring of this magnitude suggests that Washington’s slobbering love affair with the Russians may be a trifle one-sided. Obama should remember Ronald Reagan’s advice on dealing with the Kremlin rulers: trust but verify.

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