In case you’ve been wondering

I had a death in my family and have been gone for a few days. It was expected but still is a huge loss to us all.

I did get to see the gulf coast in Pensacola and all the beach that I saw (admittedly not too much) was still clean and sugar white.

But I’m back now and in news/talk radio/blogger withdrawals and just in time to go back to work.  I’ve got lots of reading to catch up on!

3 responses to “In case you’ve been wondering

  • roxannadanna

    Thank you guys. It was a fast trip but well worth getting to see family and spend time reminiscing. Always sad that it takes events like that to bring us all together again, though.

  • steve

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss Roxy.
    I am glad you’re back! 😉

  • samhenry

    R – I don’t like to think of any good, kind person who is in the business of caring for others day in and day out have to shoulder any additional pressures.

    Thank you for sharing what happened to you with all of us. I for one was not worried – just missed you! So glad you are back and my regards to your family at this time. Love and Luck SH

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