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Christie: “The day of reckoning is here”

And I love this: “No body in New Jersey will have to wonder where I am on an issue”:

Random thoughts on TheOne’s speech

Just some random thoughts after listening the TheOne pontificate last night:

The one thing Obama failed to mention when he was promoting his alternative energy plans was nuclear. Not once was the word uttered.  And I’ve yet to see one news person notice it. Interesting that he promoted every other source BUT nuclear energy.

He talked about how we all wanted to leave a better world for our children “even if we don’t know for sure what that will look like.” I can assure you, Mr.Messiah, I know what I want it to look like and I most definitely know what I DON’T want it to look like.  I can say with certainty that a great many Americans knows the kind of future they want to leave their children and the majority don’t want what your vision for the future.

Doesn’t it appear to be a government takeover from the backdoor when he is ordering BP to create an escrow account (to pay those Americans who are injured because of this spill) that it will not be allowed to administer? A government approved 3rd party will be in charge of those funds. Does that make anyone, beside me, feel a little nauseous? This could almost turn into a White House slush fund, funded by BP.

The CEO of the United States, says he doesn’t trust the CEO of BP because “CEO’s only tell you what you want to hear.” Mr.Pot, meet Mr.Kettle. Does Obama ever think about the things he says? Why should Americans trust what our CEO says after he says we can’t trust the big dog at BP?

If the plan is to bring BP to it’s knees, countless Americans (as well as Brits) will suffer. If they become insolvent, no one will be compensated, especially those who live and depend on the gulf for their livelihoods.

This speech was mostly a forum to promote his crap-and-tax legislation. He now has the crisis that won’t be wasted. And just as he’s done with is disastrous health care bill, it will be forced on us against our will. The fact that we don’t want it, will make no difference to him or those legislators in Congress.  They know what’s best for us.