Quote of the Day – Eric Holder

“(W)e have restored the department’s Civil Rights Division to its proper place as the conscience of our nation and our country’s pre-eminent civil rights law enforcement agency,” Holder said.

“The communities that we serve must see that the federal government is really committed to the impartial and aggressive enforcement of our nation’s laws, and these communities must know that we will do all that we can to enforce the law that protect our civil rights with the same vigor that we enforce the laws that protect our public safety.”

Despite those comments, Holder dismissed default judgments that the Bush Justice Department had filed against Malik Shabazz and Jerry Jackson [famed billy club wielding Black Panthers in following YouTube video] in January 2009. CNSNews.com

3 responses to “Quote of the Day – Eric Holder

  • samhenry

    Ugly stuff – ugly and frightening. Amazing they should return under this presidency. Obama attracts all the really law-abiding types who have a blind eye to race. I’ve lived too long.

  • roxannadanna

    That’s a damned good question Steve but I think Rich answered it best in a previous blog post: John McCain.
    Unfortunate but true, I think.

  • steve

    Roxy, how in the world did we get the freak show running the country?

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