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  • dancingczars

    It was staring me in the face when I got on the computer. I’m looking at another 20 points. Can you believe the guy? Potential shooting war between N&S Korea, the oil spill, the economy in the tank, he goes on another vacation? Hell all he really does anyway is bow and apologize, he doen’t need a vacation.

    Fortunately he will be the first president to not attend Memorial Day services at Arlington. I’m thinking the bones of the fallen are turning over, they would have rose up from their graves and kicked his bony ass. Jim

    • samhenry


      I wrote a post on this and I mean it – it is too dangerous for him to be in DC. Think of all those fireworks at the Capitol going off covering God knows what. I am not apologizing for him. I am saying that he is so hated that he can’t sit in the White House when thousands of people are going in and out of DC – some coming to protest – on a holiday weekend.

      I think his days are numbered. He has taken this country down and he has set people against each other. We are no longer a pirah in foreign affairs – we are a third world country waiting for world government.

      No – I see this as a means to save his hide.

  • samhenry

    You mean that Andrew forgiving Fergie is not THE best news! LOL

    This is very, very good news. Makes my weekend. That oil spill will be more than his Katrina. What he has done to our independent standing in the world has been devastating. New World Order? Has he not heard the EU is not working?

    Hi, Steve! Hi, R.

  • steve

    I brought this up yesterday on one of my more liberal “friends” blog yesterday, but they always refer me to the Gallop poll which is more favorable to Obama. They simply dismiss Rasmussen. Personally I dig it!

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