California wants to be a third world nation? We can accomodate that!

From Fox News and Drudge

Californians want a boycott? We can give one better than they can. Turn off their lights. Yes, it means that we lose money, but we’re losing money every hour of the day as it is. Illegals cost my state over $2billion a year and L.A.’s boycott will cost us millions.

The thing no one seems to understand is that it’s the criminal element of the illegals who we want to be protected from: the ones who come  here and kidnap and kill our citizens.

What’s most funny and telling about the left is that they claim this law is a civil and human rights violation but they make no mention of the 70 Mexicans crammed into a van (and dying) on their illegal way into America. The left doesn’t care about those pathetic people. They pick and choose who they are going to champion and when.

On the one hand, Californians want to make their state a sanctuary state for all illegals and on the other they are leaving their state in herds and in the process, changing the political demographics of Arizona and Nevada for the worse. Californians know they cannot afford to harbor these illegals and yet the loud Marxists in the state (most of them in Hollywood, it seems) are running the show and making the decisions and running the state into the level of a third world country.

So, I’ve come full circle because it is mostly dark in third world countrys…. isn’t it?

5 responses to “California wants to be a third world nation? We can accomodate that!

  • steve

    Hey Roxy!
    I thought it was hilarious when I heard Los Angeles was going to boycott Arizona, and then Arizona basically said “go ahead”, we’ll cut your power off”! Too funny! 🙂
    The people running the state have cut social services down to nothing to folks that really need them because so much go to illegals. Calif. is wallowing in bankruptcy and like LisaInTX said, the party is over there.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ll tell ya Steve, I can envision this escalating, esp with the president making the remarks he has made. It’s not a joke and our law is not nor is our state sovereignty. Any state’s sovereignty for that matter.
      How dare he denigrate our citizens?

  • LisaInTX

    H roxanna
    Yeah, soon CA will be singing ‘Turn out the lights, the party’s over”….hahahaha
    What a bunch of nuts that live there!! I lived there for 12 years in San Diego and I KNOW of what I speak…..Loon should be their state bird!—maybe it is…I forget…hahaha

    • roxannadanna

      I swear, people in California really are goof-balls! It’s no longer funny to call it “the people’s republic of California” – it’s became reality.

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