Subliminal message on Fox – I love it!

Look past this man’s right shoulder and what do you see? And could it be more appropriate considering this guy’s an atheist? This is a simple photoshop trick.

All I can say is: Well done, Fox graphics department!

3 responses to “Subliminal message on Fox – I love it!

  • steve

    The guy has a good argument in so much that the government isn’t allowed to promote a religion. However, the government isn’t to hinder the freedom to practice one’s religous faith as well. He’s in error citing the treaty signed at Tripoli, when using it as a separation of church and state “document”.
    The agreement at Tripoli was written to assure the ‘subjects of Tripoli’ and the Barbary (Muslims) that the United States government, not being founded on the Christian religion, basically won’t be a threat to the “harmony existing between the two countries”.
    The Muslims were concerned that the United States would be influenced by Christianity against their culture. Article 11 was simply to address that concern.

    • roxannadanna

      That’s great information and thank you.

      The government is not promoting religion because no one is forced to submit to it (unlike the religion of the left – the green church – which we will all be forced to submit to.) If prayer offends you, don’t participate in it. What is happening today is that those who do want to participate in it, are being prohibited from doing so.

      That is a direct violation of the Constitution.

      • steve

        Yes ma’am. The left contends that the courts are not prohibiting the excerise of religion, when in fact they are. Freedom of religion means just that: freedom to practice one’s religion. No one is being forced to pray … like you said, don’t participate. Kinda like watching television. If you don’t like whats on, don’t watch it.

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