May Day epiphany

May 1 – International Workers Day – is a traditional date for political demonstrations. Immigration advocates latched onto that tradition in 2006, when more than 1 million people across the country – half a million alone in Chicago – protested federal legislation that would have made being an illegal immigrant a felony. That legislation ultimately failed. My Way News

When I was a little girl, my mother helped me make May baskets to leave on neighbor and friends doorsteps. Of course, none of mine were as pretty as the one below. The tradition was to leave them, knock and run so as not to be caught doing the good deed. I never understood why you didn’t want to be caught doing something nice but even at that young age, I thought this must be one of those mysteries of life that I’d never be able to know.

Sam Henry has a blog tonight that brought back those almost forgotten memories (see link below.) And it made me think about what May Day means today – a union and communist holiday to protest something.

May baskets

After reading Sam Henry’s blog and then reading this article on My Way News, it set me thinking. We should be taking a page or dozen out of the Alinsky primer and turn the tactics back on them. I say we do what the opposition has been doing: hijack the holiday and make it our own. Why does this day (May 1 or May Day) have to be a communist/labor union protester’s holiday? Why can’t we make it a pro-Constitution type rally day? Or something else on those lines. I’m pretty confident that we can match, if not out-number them.

Or maybe my middle of the night epiphany and mother/daughter reminiscence are just not important and who cares what those leftists do and when.

I am seriously tired, after all…

What Happened to Maypoles? It’s Labor Unions, Activists and Communist Regimes

4 responses to “May Day epiphany

  • Dena

    I think that turning May 1 into a combo: May Baskets and Constitution Day would be a good idea. Celebrate both. The Constitution could be rolled up and used instead of the ribbon on a May Basket. How’s that? Can’t you just see thousands of Tea Party people carrying a May Basket with a parchment look alike constitution? Calm and orderly parade. People smiling and happy. Compare that to what the other angry “get in your face” people do.

  • samhenry

    Why thank you for the reference to SamHenry.

    This is a lovely piece and the beautiful picture to illustrate what a May basket looks like is needed. Bless your artistry, Roxi.

    • roxannadanna

      The baskets that my mom and I made were out of dixie cups and pipe cleaner handles. Not near so pretty or fancy. I was so little when we did that… when I read your blog, it reminded me of those times that I’d all but forgotten. Thanks for that. 😉

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