More on Jason Levin not to be missed

So this isn’t missed from comments, Cathy has new phone information to call the Beaverton school district:

I called and now the Beaverton school district has set up a special referral number (must be getting a lot of calls – yea!): 1-503-591-4360.

From Frugal Cafe, some great information:

Let’s keep the pressure up, folks! People like this guy can’t be allowed to just get away with this behavior.

13 responses to “More on Jason Levin not to be missed

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    […] Mad Conservative: Jason Levin, the man behind the site and Call or email Jason Levins school and principal. I did. Here’s the info and More on Jason Levin not to be missed […]

  • ClassicFilm

    This statist punk is a media whore — he wanted his 15 minutes of fame and granted interviews all over the place, and now, he’s paying the price for his deception and his idiocy. This unethical man is a TEACHER, entrusted to teach public school children, and is just another example of how far leftist extremists will go to silence any opposing opinion. Freedom of speech is OK for liberals… but no one else. And if you can’t find evidence of racism or hate, well, then, making it up is acceptable. Lying is acceptable if it gets you what you want. Manufacture a monster for others to hate. Thus is one of the directions of Saul Alinsky, Obama’s socialist mentor…

    As far as Levin encouraging his left-wing cretin “followers” to dress up like Nazis and pretend to be deranged conservatives at tea parties tomorrow, I must ask: How easy is it to find a Nazi costume these days?

    • roxannadanna

      The only place I can think of where you can still get a nazi uniform is an S&M shop! LOL I can’t imagine where the hell you’d find anything that even remotely looked Nazi, seriously.

      It’s finally come to this: they have no argument or way to dispute the American people and the tea party so they will go to any lengths to discredit them, fraudulently.

      They are really pathetic.

      • ClassicFilm

        Amen to that, Roxy… the desperation of the left-wing extremists is backfiring on them. I’ve read on some blogs that people who, even through this past week, were complacent and non-political, are disgusted by the Democrat party and are now intrigued by tea parties. Many who never went to a tea party rally before are planning to attend one today.

        Keep it up, statists… shooting yourselves in the metaphorical foot with your bogus appearances at tea parties and shameless smear tactics is fabulous. Thanks for the help in getting more Americans engaged!

        God bless you, Roxy, and God bless America.

        • roxannadanna

          God Bless you (and even me for my offensive comment, lol) and God bless us all… we need it they way the government is running us into the ground.

    • AFVET

      My goodness, restrain yourself.
      There may be kids reading.

      Hi Vic.

      • roxannadanna

        gee sorry if i offended you. It’s not like those same kids aren’t seeing worse on MTV.

        if my blogging offends, you don’t have to read here anymore.

        • AFVET

          My reply was meant for Vicki.(sarc).
          The thread got out of whack somehow.
          You will never offend me Roxy !
          Hope I’m still welcome.

          • roxannadanna

            I’m sorry. I was home sick yesterday and was overly sensitive- which says something because I’m way too sensitive most of the time, anyway. And I over-react most of the time too.
            You’re always welcome.

  • jimrohnson

    Good job putting this information out there.

  • roxannadanna

    Yes he was pretty stupid in allowing himself to be found online so easily. I mean this guy claims to be a software tech or something and he does something this sloppy?

    He has only himself to blame for all the attention he’s now getting. Maybe, on the other hand, he wants it, but I can’t imagine that anyone would want their address and other contact info out there for the entire world to access.

  • arlenearmy

    Im not one for outing an internet user’s personal stuff… but this guy Levin has put himself in position to be exposed.

    The following is link to infowars (Alex Jones) who has outed Levin stuff (addy, phone #, etc..)

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