Even with a bogus Tea Party candidate, Reid loses

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would lose re-election even if a Tea Party candidate chips away support from his Republican opponent, according to a new poll released by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Previous polls had showed Reid trailing badly in a two-candidate race but eeking out a victory in a three-way campaign. But today’s poll shows a shift from that trend.

In an race against former Nevada Republican chairwoman Sue Lowden, Reid would garner 38% of the vote, compared to 46% for Lowden and 5% for Tea Party candidate Scott Ashijan.

The poll shows Lowden as the frontrunner for the nomination, with 45% of Republican respondents supporting her. Businessman Danny Tarkanian gets 27% support, followed by former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle at 5%.

Reid would fare better against Tarkanian. Reid is neck and neck with Tarkanian, each with 39% support. Ashijan would get 11% of the vote in such a scenario. Eric Zimmermann/The Hill

Latest polls indicate the Harry’s DISapproval rating in Nevada is 56%. I hope he’s packing his bags.

3 responses to “Even with a bogus Tea Party candidate, Reid loses

  • dancingczars

    Read is getting to long in the tooth, has been a functionally walking brain dead person for too long. He is done. Stick a fork in him. I know people aren’t done, they are finished, done implies a turkey, Harry qualifies. He’s done and finished. Jim

  • roxannadanna

    These are career politicians that have done more harm to America than any possible good. Our Founders served (look at George Washington) and then went home and carried on their lives. Now these guys can make so much money and provide so many perks and careers for their families (all of Reid’s sons and son-in-law were or are lobbyists in DC, even as we speak!) that they aren’t going anywhere if they can help it (cheat or bribe their ways to stay in office.)

    ASSHOLES! (sorry if I offend anyone, but that’s the nicest thing I can post.)

  • steve

    I hope the same thing … get rid of the weasel! I mean jeez, the guy is 70 years old! It’s like once some get elected they won’t leave until they’re carried out … just like Kennedy.

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