Reid and his 100 close supporters!

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

SEARCHLIGHT — U.S. Sen. Harry Reid launched his re-election campaign Monday with a sentimental send-off from his hometown of Searchlight, cheered on by more than 100 close supporters.

“We love you Harry,” friends, neighbors and longtime Democratic Party backers shouted from inside the Searchlight Nugget where 86-year-old owner Verlie Doing and former U.S. Sen. Richard Bryan stood by Reid to help start his bid for a fifth term.

“I know what close elections are and this is going to be a close election,” Reid told a Las Vegas rally of some 1,000 hard-core Democrats at the end of Day One of a three-day campaign tour. “Every vote counts.”

Reid with his famous egg throwing team!

How grand? He had less then 1200 folks come out to support him while the Tea Party had over 7000! Harry Reid – you are sooo done!

4 responses to “Reid and his 100 close supporters!

  • dancingczars

    All union workers and thugs. Can you imagine he only got a crowd of 1000 in Las Vegas? They were mostly cross eyed black players and unionized dish washers. Hell Sarah leave more people than that in traffic wanting to see her. Let’s see in Searchlight, Sarah 10,000 Harry 100. Tip to Harry, get your resume ready. Oh that’s right Federal Prison doesn’t require an application or resume. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. Jim

    • roxannadanna

      Yea no kidding – only 1000 people showed up. I keep meaning to check and see if this black man in the photo with Reid is the same man in the egg throwing video in Searchlight. But I think this guy is older than the one in Searchlight.

  • roxannadanna

    Lord we can sure hope so! I can’t imagine how they can possibly rig this, but they have so many tricks up their sleeves…

  • steve

    Unless Obama and Reid can figure out how to rig this one … Reid will be added to Obama’s job-loss count. 🙂

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