Gerald Celente, trends forcaster

This from Dec. ’09:

This from Jan. ’10:

This is a must listen from last week on Brian and the Judge.

Celente’s website Trends Research Institute.

He’s predicted, accurately financial episodes for the last 20 years. I think he’s worth listening to. What he had to say last week on Brian and the Judge really kept me awake on the drive home from work. One thing he said and I’ve been hearing consistently from many in the financial and political sides is “I’m invested in gold.”

I”m investing in gold and silver – starting this month. Any little bit I have extra, I’m buying precious metals. I’m encouraging my kids to do the same thing. I do not believe that things are going to get better any time soon. And I’m worried about how much worse they will get.

If you go go YouTube and enter his name, there are numerous videos featuring Celente. Listen to him and research this. See what you think.

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