In celebration of the coming New Health Care

This is worth hearing again. Robert Reich at Berkley, “We’re going to let you die”:

The applause from these college students just kills me… doesn’t it you? Applauding for the death of their parents and grandparents. What a GEM!

7 responses to “In celebration of the coming New Health Care

  • roxannadanna

    Oh of course you didn’t do anything. I keep getting posts from a couple of people that I don’t want and have asked not to post here, so I went in and tried to change my settings to make it harder for them.

    I’m not sure what or how to set things to prevent some people from posting (or at least make them moderated) and still not effect the ones who I will always approve (like you.)

    In short, I’m kind of a rube at this!

    • AFVET

      I have to log in to wordpress if I want to comment.
      If that is the change you made, it’s working.

      • roxannadanna

        Yes that’s the change, but I don’t see that making too much difference. Those people who I don’t want to post here, will still be able to because they are part of

        I wish I knew how to set the moderate posts thing so that it would not effect those people (like you) that I don’t ever want or need to moderate.

        Last week, a post on my “about this blog” page was up for way too many days before I had time to read and delete it. It was full of stuff that was not at all appropriate to this blog.

        I’m just not saavy enough with this program I guess.

        • AFVET

          Back to normal now Roxy.
          So many buttons, so littls time,…Thanks.
          I didn’t mind having to login, I was just curious as to what happened.

        • AFVET

          Your doing fine, plus you have buddies out there that would be more than willing to give some tips on the software.


    I can’t comment on your site.
    I have to log in now.
    Hope I didn’t anger you.

    • AFVET

      That time it worked, but I don’t see the normal form at the bottom of the comment section like on the other wordpress sites.
      Did you change something ???

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