My Tea Party day

I started the day from work, ran home and packed the essentials – my computer, camera and medicine and then drove to Searchlight. The traffic was incredible. When I got to ‘downtown’ Searchlight there was a crowd of about 2 dozen Reid supporters on the corner. Wish I could’ve gotten some pictures of them. The rally was 2 miles outside of town. I parked off the highway and walked a good bit to get to the dusty valley where the stage and port-a-potties were set up. When I arrived there were only a few hundred folks. When I left there were several thousand. Estimates range from 5,000 to 20,000. All I know was when I turned around to walk out of the “mosh pit” I was in, there was a sea of people behind me and the traffic leaving was more amazing than it was coming in.

There were 4 jet skywriters that spelled out things like “Vote Harry Out” and “Thank you Sarah”. Those guys got lots of ooohs and aaahs from the crowd.

I met so many great people.

One family I met had just relocated to Bullhead City AZ from Flint, Michigan. They had a $150,000 home on 5 acres and sold it for $35,000. Had there been no home on the land, they could’ve sold it for $50,000. Michigan is, as we all know, in the crapper. They had an 8 year old son with them.

When Sarah finally took the stage, I couldn’t see her but I could hear her. She was GREAT!

I didn’t get any pictures of the rally in Henderson but it was surprising how many young people and young families were there – parents who are scared for their children’s future. There were many college age people there. It was a really up lifting day and something I needed, to be sure. I’ve been feeling pretty dragged down since this health care passed.

Ann Coulter got the first of several standing ovations and was a one-liner after another. The crowd loved her, as do I.

Hannah Giles got another standing ovation when she took the stage for a few brief remarks and to introduce Andrew Breitbart.  The man I came to see! He told the story of his arrival earlier in the day in Searchlight – what he called a moonscape. He said that some man on a corner was holding a sign “directing” folks to the tea party site – except it was the wrong road which he fully admitted to Andrew. As the Tea Party Express buses turned down that road (the wrong road) they were pelted with eggs. Some one threatened Andrew with the words “you’d better get out of here or I’ll be spending the night in jail.” And someone else called the sheriff and claimed (unbelievably) that Andrew had thrown the eggs!!! When the sheriff arrived and Andrew pointed to his film crew and the video tape of the entire event, including the real egg tossers, the sheriff sauntered off and the whole thing was dropped. Meanwhile the msm kept on driving by, too. Another story that almost no one will know about.

It was a long, dusty day, complete with dozens of text messages between my family and I. Everyone worried that I would fall asleep driving. I think I was awake for 38 hours before I finally died at my son’s house in Las Vegas last night.

It was all worth it. A very inspiring day with thousands of inspired people.

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