Call for a vote and get it over with!

If these events are true, they make no difference to me and they are nothing more than a distraction from the real issues that we will be facing after today’s vote.

How many times have tea party-ers and all patriots in fact, been called racists, angry mob, nazi’s, etc? Has everyone but the conservatives forgotten about Kenneth Gladney’s attack by SEIU members?

So, some congressmen got spit on. So, someone called Barney Frank a fag. So what? Some even called these lawmakers idiots. Imagine that!  So the f*ck what?

This behavior doesn’t reflect mine – well, maybe the idiot part.  But I’ve never spit on anyone and can’t imagine ever doing so. I’ve never called anyone a fag and know I’ll never do that. Whoever behaved this way today in DC, does not reflect the majority of Americans who are frustrated beyond belief at being wholly ignored by the people who we employ in Washington? Capitol Hill is ours, every inch of marble and wood is ours. Every person working inside it, work for us, at our pleasure. If nothing else was accomplished this weekdend with the tea party rally in DC, it was to remind those people that they are nothing more than employees of the American people.

And come November, whatever they do from today on, they will be pink slipped. I don’t see any redemption for them now.

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