Daily Archives: March 19, 2010

Obama with ‘real’ patriots

This morning at George Mason Univeristy, Obama’s first statement was

“It’s good to be back among real patriots.”

This is the president who said he wanted to be the “president of all Americans.” But what he’s accomplished is being the most devisive  presidents of all time.  He fosters and nurtures that division. It’s how Alinsky-ites accomplish their ends: pitting the have-nots against the haves, the tea party against the Marxists, the people against big, ugly, greedy corporations like insurance companies. Soon it will be coal companies and oil companies. He’s already gone after Wall St. and the banks.

His legacy will not be health care for all Americans, although that is what he wants. His legacy will be that of  the man who ruined America and brought her to her knees. His legacy will have no comparison or competition in the history of this nation. His legacy will be the man who destroyed the democrat party and the American dream. His legacy will be that of the man who brought America down from the greatest, most promising land on the planet to just another socialist country, gimping along with lost values and lost dreams.

His party will pay for this in November and he will pay first in 2012 and then for the rest of his life as the man who turned out the light on the brightest, greatest nation on Earth.

But come November, Boehner will be Speaker and Pelosi, will be nothing but a bad memory. Harry Reid will be home in Searchlight – that mecca of fine living in Nevada. And there WILL be pay back!