Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

Quote of the day – Walter E. Williams

The fact that government has no resources of its very own forces one to recognize that in order for government to give one American citizen a dollar, it must first, through intimidation, threats and coercion, confiscate that dollar from some other American. If one person has a right to something he did not earn, of necessity it requires that another person not have a right to something that he did earn.

I’m going to stop leaving my house

Michael Lynton, chairman and chief executive of Sony Pictures, says that audiences would be better off nibbling on granola bars, fruit salad, yogurt and vegetable crudités with dips. “I can almost imagine the Romans eating popcorn and drinking Coke at the Colosseum 2,000 years ago,” he told a convention of cinema owners in Las Vegas. “But by bringing healthier snacks into your concession stands you would be helping our country meet an urgent public health need.” TimesOnline

What the hell is a crudites – I don’t have that little accent mark?

My God. I’m so sick of every one looking out for my best interests and my health. No salt in New York City. Taxes on plastic grocery bags and now no popcorn at the movies.

Tuner Classic Movie Channel and Netflix are my new best friends.