Take care of yourself and your own: leave the Constitution intact

I swear by my life and my love for it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for  mine. Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged

rant/I am so tired of hearing sad health care stories, that include human props. Everyone has a story or knows someone who has one. Does that mean that my sad tale should effect the entire nation? Should I make everyone else responsible for whatever happens to me? Why should anyone else pay for me?

I have BlueCross/BlueShield. I like my policy. I pay for it privately because I want a better policy than my employer offers. I’ve written about this before. There was a 6 month stretch when I didn’t have insurance, because I was too lazy to fill out the forms and send them in. It was 2006 and I had seen a doctor once in 2003 and once in 1994. I was simply never sick and thought I had plenty of time to get my coverage taken care of.

This was my fault and I am responsible for it.

When I was approved, it turned out to be the very day I went in to surgery for a tumor biopsy. BC/BS didn’t know that. They had no idea that I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 days before. But because of my laziness, it was considered a pre-existing condition and they covered nothing that first year.

My neurosurgeon knew that I had no insurance. He knew how to get around that so that I could have the surgery. He trusted that I would pay him every dime I owed him too, although it might take me years to do so. He cost me $8000 but he got paid.

In fact, that first year cost us over $70,000. I lost track but I know that in the first year, I had one CT scan and at least 7 MRIs. I had to pay cash up front for every MRI. I  had a $17,000 helicopter ride and a $700 ambulance bill. It took over 2 years to pay all these bills.

Who but me should be responsible for all this? Why should anyone else have to foot this bill? Learn a lesson from me and see what laziness costs.

Yes, health care is expensive in America. Yes, there are many who are not as fortunate as I am. But I made choices in my life that helped prepare me for, at the time, this kind of life altering event. I went to college and I have a profession. I married a man who was ambitious and had the foresight to prepare us financially for this kind of situation.

Yes, I feel badly for those who are less fortunate than I am. But should I expect the entire nation to sacrifice their inalienable rights for me? How did we survive before FDR? We took care of ourselves and our own families. What a concept. In addition, we had and still have charitable organizations who assist those in dire need.

I am sick and tired of these politicians trotting out children and women who have hard luck stories that are supposed to tug at our heartstrings and make us want to give up all our liberties to save them. This kind of spectacle does nothing but cause resentment. I expect NO ONE to do that for me and I am not going to do it for anyone else.

No one should be expected to give up their constitutional rights under any circumstances, for any one. And no one should be coerced to do so by slimball politicians carting out human props in front of the camera. /end of rant

6 responses to “Take care of yourself and your own: leave the Constitution intact

  • samhenry

    I know what it is to be lazy about forms – they are a big hate of mine. That time, Dr. SH observes you may have had things going on upstairs that did not help you move so fast to do things as before. Regardless, I am proud of you and people like you. This is a wonderful story not just because it is yours.

    Why with the NY times photo, I thought black cross/more- shield-than-we- need or can pay for had arrived in the night.

    I myself lost my bc/bs backup from my former employer because I am old and did not keep up with my paperwork. But I called them and the kind young man said that because I did not yell and scream at him he was happy to do anything possible to get it back for me.

    Barack is yelling and screaming. He deserves nothing.

    • roxannadanna

      I had a friend ask me how I could be such a hard ass about this considering what I’ve been through. My answer was what I said in my post: I was responsible, no one else, for my situation. That shut him up real fast.

      And like you said, people will help you and be glad to help you if your approach is not “I demand and deserve this and I want it now!”


    Well said Roxy !
    We were also frugal in our earning years, and are financially ready for retirement, at least as compared to 50% of the population according to the article I read this morning in our newspaper.
    The article stated roughly 50% of people that want to retire within 5 years only have accumulated $25000 in savings to fund their retirement.
    That is nowhere near enough folks.
    The wife still works because she likes her job, however she doesn’t have to.
    I retired a couple of years ago.

    I will listen to your rants anytime !

    • roxannadanna

      I get soooo tired of these hard luck stories that the president and others trot out in front of the cameras. I’m sorry that people die and die too young but I’m sick and tired of this kind of manipulation.

      On me at least, this just doesn’t work.

      Thank you VET!

      • AFVET

        Concerning that very fact, Glenn Beck stated today on his radio program that the woman Obama mentioned in his Ohio speech yesterday was treated for free at the Cleveland Clinic, because they have 100 million dollars in reserve to treat people that do not have insurance due to their financial situation.

        Yet, Obama plays out the fact that she died due to the lack of insurance!
        That is a lie!

        Thank goodness for Glenn, Rush, Mark Levin, and many others for ferreting out the truth, and exposing Obama for the charlatan he is.

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