Too much information for the wrong people

This commercial creeps me out.

Just as the patient in this ad is uncomfortable with a room full of doctor types hearing his whole medical history and seeing him without his pants on, it makes me uncomfortable too.

The idea of all my private, personal medical information being accessed by nameless, faceless bureaucrats makes me feel as almost naked as this guy feels:

And don’t forget, our tax dollars are paying for this and every other GE commercial you see.


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15 responses to “Too much information for the wrong people

  • samhenry


    Good points, Roxi. Do you think Sarah Palin had her medical records on her palm that day? She’s one smart lady. Could be.

    I’m glad to know a nurse! My grandmother was a nurse and my grandfather a doctor and if I had been good in math, I would be right in there with you. However, I would be walking into patients rooms and asking “can you help me” rather than asking them.
    You’re young and intelligent. Stand up for your belief which is well thought out and good. I am just too old to do much anymore except rail and rant. I got close enough to hug my mortality over Christmas. Not one but two cancer scares for this old frame. Tests and concern, tests and concern. I was so exhausted I didn’t go to my brother’s for Christmas. The insurance he took out for me won’t

    • roxannadanna

      I’m guessing that we are real close to the same age. I am 53. My little picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning while I was teaching myself how to use the built-in web cam on this laptop.

      Darkness hides a multitude of sins – wrinkles and gray hair. Just ask Blanche DuBois. lol

      I’m hoping that those concerns you had are gone now and you can relax and enjoy your life, your reading and your blogging. Oh, and your wonderful dogs!

      • samhenry

        Thank you, Roxi – les “pooches” a wonderful. The concerns remain – probably always will but I am learning to live day to day since there aren’t so many left at 68! Yes, that youthful-in-spirit formerly elfin shaped blogger is that age – I am in shock myself. And I am letting the hair go gray. I sort of like it. I’m me and you are a baby!

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  • dancingczars

    Creeps me out was the exact feeling I got when I saw it during the Olympics last night. This ad is so typical of GE, a company absolutely clueless to mainstream America when it comes to areas of individual privacy.
    I’m thinking this ad will be pulled quite soon. We obviously aren’t quite as vapid as the marketing team and producers that put it together. Jim

    • roxannadanna

      When I saw this ad the first time, I wondered, who thought this up? And what group did they test market this with? These people obviously have no idea who Americans are and how smart we are. But when you consider that GE is in bed with the White House, and the WH think we don’t know what’s best for ourselves, then it all makes sense.

      These are the elite of the elite and they really do think we are the stupid unwashed.

  • samhenry

    It’s too bad the white coats were the right people in the wrong place. The people who should have been leering at the patient would be secretaries, stalkers, jerks of every variety, hackers, etc. Those are the people I am afraid of. I have worked as an archivist with ethical standards to uphold and I can tell you outside of an archive, it is almost impossible for there to have control of any kind of record. It is hideous. The benefit is having your medical records accessible in a time frame that could save your life and that, if the data entered is accurate, could provide a full, holistic record of “you.” I must say it has cut down on having to complete long forms at each doctor’s office to have the service up in Rochester. It also tracks the appointments you have made with other doctors in the system so that you don’t overbook. Roxi – I have finally given up the ghost on privacy. It just does not exist anymore. It is compromised not only online but by your best friends at times. And don’t get me going on the linked social networks and what those do to privacy. I think the owners of Google need to be jailed. Good, thought-provoking post as you can well see.

    • roxannadanna

      While I agree that having health records in one place and accessible to the doctor (hospital, whatever) is a time saver and a life saver, those records should be accessible to the patient ONLY and whoever the patient releases them to. That can be accomplished by issuing that info on a card of some sort that the consumer keeps in their hands. But even that poses risks of privacy violations.

      The idea that some Big Brother data base has all my personal private medical information is just way too creepy for me. I know that the government already has a lot of information thanks to the IRS, but this just goes beyond the pale for me. I think I will resist this (if it comes to pass) and not agree to have this information released this way.

      I’m a nurse and I know HIPPA laws. In my view, this has the potential to violate HIPPA in countless ways.

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