How do you deal with people who live like this?

(Farah Abdi Warsameh, Somalia) Found guilty of adultery, Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim, 48, is stoned to death, buried up to his chest.

(Farah Abdi Warsameh, Somalia) The stoning was carried out by an Islamic Insurgent group in Afgoye, Somalia

(Farah Abdi Warsameh, Somalia) The unmarried woman involved was given a more lenient punishment.

(Farah Abdi Warsameh, Somalia) Under sharia (Islamic) law the woman kept her life but was brutally flogged. I don't see a flogging here. I see another stoning.

From the TimesOnline photo gallery.  The Brit’s slant of the news and the images of the world that they want their readers to see is quite interesting. I recommend, if you have the time,  to browse through it.

9 responses to “How do you deal with people who live like this?

  • samhenry

    I had not see this before. This is unholy and no human should be subjected to this kind of brutality at the hand of another. This is not the result of any kind of law – this is the result of human misinterpretation of the word of god.

  • dancingczars

    Rox: I’ve been writing on this for some time. My pictures are horrific as well. How do you deal with them? Make sure they don’t try to impose Sharia law on America, Western Europe is finished, the vast majority of the countries now have close to 20% Muslims. Do they all practice this brutality? Probably not, but can you tell me which ones don’t at random?
    We can never deal seriously with this group until major profiling begins, and the ACLU is thrown out of a C-147 directly on Afghanistan, Jim


    Stoning was common in biblical times, flogging and of course crucifixion.
    Barbarism exists and condoned even now in these countries.
    You can be imprisoned in Syria for carrying a Christian Bible.

    Your question “how do we deal with these people”, we can’t.
    They want no part of ‘deals’.
    They are living in a totally different world, and the governments allow it to continue.

    Barbarians are just that, and they have the audacity to call us the great satan.

  • Joe Six-Pack

    People fight wars over issues like this, as they should.

    Stoning to death has no place in the modern world. Like getting rid of slavery, it is worth waging war to eliminate.

    • roxannadanna

      These people live in the stone age, and that’s not a pun. And for whatever reason, they have no desire to live free or to live a better life.
      This kind of thing, and the genital mutilations that go on with these people is just unspeakable.

      VET’s right: these people are barbarians.

      • AFVET

        Roxy, extrapolate your comment to the present progressive movement we are involved in currently.
        On a higher, non-physical level, isn’t that what the Administration is doing to us right now?

        Time will tell.

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