Obama-ites need to stay out of the deep end

Biggest bungle of a lifetime: party crashers with Biden, initially blamed on a Secret Service lapse.

Desiree Rogers, best known for her bungling of the Indian state dinner at the White House that allowed uninvited guests into the presidential bubble, has apparently resigned for greener pastures. How any pastures can be any greener than the White House, is beyond me, however.

Asked if she was hit hard by the resignation [of Desiree Rogers], longtime friend and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told POLITICO in an e-mail: “No, it didn’t hit me hard. Desiree never intended to stay more than about a year.”

An easy-out, kinda like “I’m resigning to spend more time with my family.”  Kinda like the easy-out of Anita Dunn, who only planned on being in the WH for the first year.

Yea, sure. We all believe that. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here.)

Around the same time, she began appearing at fashion shows in New York City without telling anyone in the East Wing and committing the first lady to events without reaching out to East Wing staffers, the source said.

At one point, Rogers wondered why she didn’t have her own driver, the source said.

There’s that entitlement mentality again: “I want my own driver, a personal secretary and a chef. After all, I’m owed this for the bang-up job I’m doing for my BFF! Who gives a damn if the tax payers are paying for me and all this bling!”

Desiree Rogers from the WSJ Magazine

“It became the Desiree show,” the source said. “She was far more interested in being a principal herself and people started to notice, including the First Lady.”

No one better upstage Michelle or she’ll flex those famous and envied biceps of hers. She’ll put you right out of the People’s House.

“The West Wing was really embarrassed by Desiree’s behavior,” the source said.

“She never really seemed to get the protocol and what was appropriate and what wasn’t,” the source said. “She was politically tone deaf in a way that you wonder how she made it in the corporate world.”

More evidence that this WH is in over their head. Another high profile member of the Chicago staff who has no clue what the job really is or how to even behave in the position. If you can’t swim with the big fish, stay out of the water and it’s for damned sure, don’t go in over  your knees!

These people are utterly clueless and one after another, they keep drowning from their lack of class.

From Politico.com

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