Daily Archives: February 20, 2010

The most AWESOME athlete

When Tiger doesn’t play, golf viewership falls by at least 25%; some polls say more than that.

I’m tired of hearing about his personal life. I’m tired of hearing his apologies. I’m tired of women coming out of the woodwork claiming to be his “one and only after Elen.”

Tiger’s personal life has become a tragedy for many people. And the media is driving a story that I think most people no longer want to know about. He made a series of huge mistakes but like thousands of others, I want to see him back on the course. He’s made the apologies to the people that matter and bogus or not, he’s atoning for those mistakes now. I’m in no position to judge his infidelities or his sincerity and I won’t.

I want him back on the course where I think his real rehabilitation (spiritual, public and private) will occur.

If you’ve never watched him, you have no idea what you’re missing.

If you’ve never played golf, you have no idea what this means but to watch Tiger or Ernie or Phil and see them mess up a putt or slice a drive and know that you’ve done the exact same thing makes the game and those athletes feel almost like personal friends. And to watch when they do something so phenomenal, so amazing, so almost other-worldly on a golf course, is for me at least, breathtaking.

I know this: I watch Tiger play on tv and he is THE most amazing athlete of my lifetime. Golf is not the same without him.

I miss him and I want him back. And yes, I know how selfish I sound…