Obama has lost all “Respect for the Office”

…an invitation from the President to meet with a mayor [of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman] while visiting a city should be treated with respect for the office, at the least.

You know, ordinarily I would agree with this statement, but no longer. This president has tarnished all “respect for the office” and all in just a year. This is the same president who has traveled the world apologizing, submitting and bowing to everyone, especially our foes and the very same man who returned presents to our allies. Nations in this world who have struggled to free themselves of totalitarianism and looked to America as their last great hope, no longer have that faith in us anymore.

Listen to the words of Lech Walesa:

Obama did all this in just a year.

How can anyone respect any of this? It goes without saying that our enemies have no respect for him and by extension, for our nation. Our enemies see us as weak and indecisive. Our friends see us as… GONE. As a nation they can no longer count on to help them fight and secure freedoms for themselves.

No, Goodman has not “overplayed his hand” in this episode. It’s time people in this country stood up to this president for his idiocies. I applaud Oscar and I hope more Americans will stand against this man’s agenda and his un-American ideologies. Maybe then he will finally “get it!”

Edited to add: Or maybe not.


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