The secret to Scott Brown’s success

It was one of the prettiest morning home drives I’ve driven in months. It’s been raining here for days and this morning the clouds had broken a bit and were on the ground. When I got to the top of the summit and could see into the valley, it was a blanket of clouds. Here and there I could see little hilltops above the clouds, but the whole valley was buried under cloud. The sun hadn’t completely risen but enough to make the sky bright. It was a really breathtaking view which really has nothing to do with this blog: but I wanted to share.

And I was listening to a replay of Wednesday’s Brian & the Judge on Fox Radio. It was a post-election show and they were encouraging callers from Massachusetts to ring in with comments and opinions. While I listened to Brian describe Scott Brown walking out of the MLK breakfast, his hands in his pockets and minus an enterage of handlers, it occurred to my just why Brown walked away with the race.

Do you remember these videos?

Scott parked his truck and walked the parking lot, shaking hands with supporters and Coakley sign carriers, alike. Martha on the other hand, was driven to the front door in a black sedan and was whisked into the building without even being seen by her supporters.

How about this clip?

Scott is so sincere, it’s almost heartbreaking. True sincerity is always easy to spot. He speaks his truth and it comes from the heart. That’s hard to fake.

Coming home on this beautiful morning, I had an epiphany. Scott Brown won this election because he struck the same chord with voters that Sarah Palin has. Honesty, sincerity, humility, self-effacing humor, committment to values, genuine civility with even his opponents, class – this is the kind of person we all wish we could to send to Washington. But since we can’t, we all wanted to be part of sending Brown there.

Because of Sarah Palin, I think we will be seeing more like Scott Brown spring up this year. Nothing could be better for our country, than that.

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