Democrat Buzzwords – Angry Voters and Sarah Palin


The democrats are going to use Palin to try and incite mistrust and fear among this year’s voters. Kerry is already invoking her name in the Coakley/Brown race even though she has not campaigned in Massachusetts with or for Brown.

“I’m no stranger to hard fought campaigns, but what we’ve seen in the past few days is way over the line and reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin‘s 2008 campaign rallies,” Kerry said in Boston.

Where are the followup questions to this? Like for instance, what dangerous atmosphere? Who and how many Palin supporters were arrested for intimidation, bullying or sign burnings – all of which Kerry is stating has gone on against the Coakley camp? Give us some names and some concrete instances, Senator Kerry, of this same thing happening in Massachusetts.

And here comes the A-word that we will be hearing so much about in this year’s elections:

At a Coakley campaign rally on Jan. 15, Kerry admitted “there is anger out there,” both in Massachusetts and across the nation.

“It’s justified anger,” Kerry said. “It’s understandable anger. People have lost their jobs. Many people have had their life savings wiped away. People have seen homes taken out fro under them in countless numbers across our nation. And there’s a fear and an anxiety out there. Let me tell you, let’s not forget where that anger ought to be directed.”

According to Kerry, the anger should be directed at Republicans – “at the people and the principles and the policies and the party that threw out the regulators; that opened the floodgates of greed, that invited in the worst economic times in this country’s history – and I believe turned its back on fairness and common sense in this country.”

Hope and Change has been shelved because – well – it hasn’t worked out.

Let’s don’t be misled. They have a plan and it’s starting to materialize in Massachusetts.

The plan now is to tap into or create the perception of voter anger. They will make you believe that the American people are righteously angry at the Republicans. The Republicans have said NO because what the opposition is doing is simply wrong and blatantly unConstitutional. Right thinking people are not angry about that. In fact, we will be proud to be the party of NO.

The American people are angry but the dems won’t accept being the epicenter of that emotion. When the elections come in November, and they get fired, I bet they still won’t figure out that it’s their fault they are unemployed.

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2 responses to “Democrat Buzzwords – Angry Voters and Sarah Palin

  • Rickey Colemon

    Accurate to an extent, which is a big part of the reason the Conservatives began leaving the Republicans a entire decade ago, or at the very least ceased voting for their candidates. Im pretty conservative, but no way was I going to vote for a Bush or McCain. Yet, the Presidency only has so much power – they CANNOT legislate and a more exact assesment of expenditure comes from looking at who is operating the House and Senate, not the White House. The Obamabots are making a distinction when it befits them as their President fights to act out his agenda, and the Bushies did the same when the situation was converse later in his Presidency.

    • roxannadanna

      I don’t have time right now to debate you in the manner that I’d like because I have to go to work and work always seems to get in the way of fun.

      The conversation always begins with blaming Bush.

      Bush is gone. That administration is history. This is not about Bush or any other previous president. This is about Obama. This is about the here and now. This is the typical Obama response: what Bush did or didn’t do.

      Bush never ran a government the way this one is being run. No president ever ran the country the way it’s being currently run.

      Thank you for posting and sorry I don’t have time to respond the way I’d like.

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