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Report: Palin to be a Fox contributor

According to the NYT and Fox Nation, Sarah Palin has signed as a contributor to Fox News. The cable news channel is supposed to make a formal announcement later today.

I think this is a good move for both parties. I like Sarah.

Band, bleating singer need a beachball beaning

Hitler salutes aside, can it possibly get any worse than this? This is so mind-numbing, I had to watch it twice.

To quote poster eightbithero: A girl and her awkward-phase nerd band cover Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.
The musicians can’t play and the fat girl sings with all the grace of a wildebeest getting pummelled by a mack truck. Her dancing skills, however, are truly a force to be reckoned with as her soon to be trademarked dance, Pantomiming-a-Train™, will be this decade’s Electric Slide.

H/T to Tucker Carlson’s new site The Daily Caller.

Why is the CDC misleading America’s seniors?

H1N1 Virus

In the federal government’s explanations of swine flu, through its Web site and public-service announcements, one message has come through loud and clear: seniors can rest easy. Children face a much greater risk from this disease, and they are dying from it in numbers never seen with regular, seasonal flu. Maybe seniors even have some special immunity to H1N1.

There’s only one problem: according to a new analysis, the CDC’s own numbers show clearly and unequivocally that H1N1 is more than twice as deadly to seniors as to children. As a result, “many older adults undoubtedly underestimate their own risk and the importance of getting vaccinated,” says Peter Sandman, a longtime scholar of risk communication. “Older adults have been told they don’t have to worry, and that’s not true. If the virus comes back, people will die.”

From Newsweek

Why do you suppose the government is  promoting this false sense of security among the older population? If you’re a conspiracy nut like I’m becoming, it’s not a giant leap to figure this out.

The government’s transparent double standard

As Pamela Geller writes at American Thinker, the health care bill has been kept secret from the American people, designed by unknown communists and written behind locked doors but the president is now opening up all kinds of classified information to our enemies.

Isn’t this considered aiding and abetting the enemy? Does that not qualify as a treasonous act?

But it’s not just this new executive order that was signed between golf and tennis in Hawaii, the fact that we are trying terrorists in NYC, as though these guys were caught smoking in an airplane restroom, will mean that all kinds of secrets will have to be introduced in that courtroom. We are going to afford these terrorists all the benefits of the American judicial system and at the same time, provide their defense and the entire world, all our secrets. And the other side of the coin is that a lot of the information we did glean from these guys will not be allowed in court.

The government is affording these men all the rights of being American citizens (which they are not) and at the same time, keeping this health care bill a complete secret from those of us who really ARE American citizens. This government is picking and choosing what information will be available and to whom it will be available.  Foreign criminals are getting secret information but the rest of us are not allowed to see and read what congress is planning to do to our very lives.

After all the promises of a historically transparent administration, C-Span is denied access to all  health care negotiations.  Our records will no longer be our own, we will no longer be allowed our own privacy, our secrets will be owned by the government and at the same time, we cannot know what they are doing and how they plan to do it.  Furthermore, I’m not hearing an answer to where all the transparency is.

Terrorists, at least at this point in time, cannot vote. Letting them in on everything is not dangerous to the power structure in Washington. But including the actual voting citizens in the behind the scenes, back-slapping and outright bribery that is going on as part of the negotiations on health care, will endanger the ruling party come election time and they know it. By the time the bill can actually be seen by the people, it will be law and the democrats will be spinning like tops to try and make it be something it isn’t. They will do and say whatever they have to in order to protect their seats in November.

The transparency in this government is for our enemies only. The rest of us are being  kept deliberately in the dark.