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Obama’s Oval Office gets history makeover | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times

I love it! Now all of a sudden he’s concerned about appearances. He spent $4000/night sleeping in a house in Hawaii, how  many millions of dollars for staff, secret service, golf, snorkeling…. blah blah blah, and now – NOW – he cares how his spending will appear to the nation? I don’t have to remind you of the cost of a mystery fly-over of Manhatten or $8000 to fly a pizza chef in or date night on broadway or entire family trips to Europe or botched trips to Copenhagen…

This guy makes me puke! PUKE, I tell ya!!!

Given the plight of so many unemployed Americans, President Obama did not want to spend a lot of money on a lavish redecoration of the Oval Office. But he did want to make it his own. So Obama asked California…

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Give ’em enough rope

Handwriting on the wall for the Dems

The handwriting is on the wall for Democrats in 2010 and the message is clear, “you failed to lead.” The Democrats had it all, the presidency, the House and Senate with high majorities, but, in spite of everything they failed to govern and lead America like they had promised.

For these and other reasons, Democrats like Dodd, Dorgan and Ritter are now dropping like flies, because they know what is in store for them and other Democrats come this November.

The American people are upset, they hoped for “change” and “transparency” and what they got was the best legislation money could buy in paying off Senators and members of Congress for their votes on bills that were written behind closed doors and were never read by those called upon to vote on them.

The “stimulus” was a failure; unemployment is still over 10% nationally. Democrats’ health care reforms will bankrupt the nation and create massive amounts of debt. The deficit has ballooned to over $1.8 trillion dollars this year and is likely to be more  a trillion dollars per year for the next 10 years if Democrats continue on their course of massive spending.

The Democrats were so drunk with power that they squandered and abused their golden opportunity to lead. 2010 will no doubt be a year of “change” but not the “change” Democrats were hoping for.

Bradley Blakeman/FoxNews.com

The Best Notable Quotables of 2009

Runner-up from Media Research Center’s Best of the Worst of 2009

Matthews Man Crush continues:

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It’s a SNAFU! Nothing more than that to this White House

Make no mistake about it, this is nothing short of damage control from the White House.  His image is taking a beating in the court of public opinion and on the op-ed pages of the thinking class of media. He’s coming out here “all fired up – ready to go!” – which is a stark contrast to his first appearance after the thwarted Christmas Day attack.

In his first televised remarks, Obama looked and sounded like a common, wooden D.A. announcing the capture of a wife killer. Los Angeles D.A. Gil Garcetti showed more fire when he announced that OJ was “now a fugitive from justice” a lifetime ago as prelude to the trial of the century – ah…  last century.

The trio of stoogie image handlers in the White House (Iranian born Jarrett – hey, did you know that? –  Axelrod and Emanual) have apparently figured out that they can no longer rest on their laurels and expect the “media” to glow, gush and gloss over (Man! I love alliteration!) every thing TheOne says or does. I guess they realized that the honeymoon is about over.  Even without the benefit of an unbiased media, polls indicate that Americans are starting to figure out that this administration is short on conviction, character and common sense (! yippeee,  there, I did it again!)

So he comes out in front of the cameras, looking all presidential, with fake disgust and anger and tells us that his administration finally bears responsibility for SOMEthing. The main SOMEthng is that he will still not smarten-up and keep Gitmo open.

Seriously, he can prostrate himself to a world full of dictators, but to the American people, he can only do it just so much…

Obama’s lack of conviction, lack of character

For all his flaws and mistakes, Americans largely did not doubt George Bush’s love of country. He acted immediately after 9/11 with harsh words and harsh actions against the enemy. In fact, he was criticized by the left for jingoism, or too much love of country.

Obama, on the other hand, has done what would be unthinkable for a commander-in-chief in an earlier time. His demeanor during the press conference after the foiled Christmas Day attack was without emotion. He has done what would be taken as treason by besmirching his own country on foreign soil. The year was filled with him bowing to America’s enemies and glad-handing with Hugo Chavez. His Department of Justice is persecuting the CIA, of which seven members just died in Afghanistan. He states his discomfort with victory in Afghanistan, while cutting the military budget and changing the rules of engagement to favor the enemy. Through his Justice Department he is according terrorists who killed nearly 3,000 of our citizens the same rights and conducting a trial in the midst of survivors who will pay for the defense through their taxes. The Department of Homeland Security instructed law enforcement to go after dissenting patriotic Americans, particularly military veterans, and displayed callous disregard of the facts and the fears surrounding the thwarted Christmas Day terror attack.

One of the most treasonous acts concerns the communist, antiwar group Code Pink, which has been aiding and funding the enemy and raising money for Obama. As our vulnerable soldiers awaited word about sending more troops to Afghanistan, Obama was meeting with Code Pink, as recent videos show.

In 2008, there were reports out about Jodie Evans’ fundraising for the Obama campaign. But only the most careful readers noticed back then.

Obama is not merely “clueless.” Even when he gives lip service about the regrettable necessity of war as he did in the Nobel speech, Obama’s words do not ring true because they lack conviction.

Mary Garber/PajamasMedia.com