The harder and farther the fall

Obama as Greek Tragedy Part I by Victor David Hanson

“… a final thought: not since 9/11 have so many terrorist plots been uncovered in a single year. (In fact, over one-third of all the efforts to repeat 9/11 have occurred in 2009—just as the United States has made unprecedented efforts to renounce the prior war on terror, to demonize a prior President, to use euphemism, to bow and apologize abroad, to turn war into jurisprudence, and to reach out to the Muslim world. Perhaps our Oedipus [Obama] can determine whether there is a connection?)”

An outstanding read.

Julius Obama Caesar - not exactly a Greek, but as close as I could find on the fly.

One response to “The harder and farther the fall

  • dancingczars

    Laughing OUT LOUD great find on the picture. I would certainly not call him a Greek Tragedy, I’m thinking a Half White, or Complete and Utter Failure fits the bill. Jim

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