Daily Archives: January 5, 2010

The harder and farther the fall

Obama as Greek Tragedy Part I by Victor David Hanson

“… a final thought: not since 9/11 have so many terrorist plots been uncovered in a single year. (In fact, over one-third of all the efforts to repeat 9/11 have occurred in 2009—just as the United States has made unprecedented efforts to renounce the prior war on terror, to demonize a prior President, to use euphemism, to bow and apologize abroad, to turn war into jurisprudence, and to reach out to the Muslim world. Perhaps our Oedipus [Obama] can determine whether there is a connection?)”

An outstanding read.

Julius Obama Caesar - not exactly a Greek, but as close as I could find on the fly.

NPR, PBS and the NEA must be defunded

In case you haven’t seen this, this is how your tax dollars are being spent.

And while you’re here, check this out. Spike Lee and various artists have put together a coffee table book celebrating TheOne. This is a slideshow gallery of 13 of the 200 works from the book. Grab your barf bag first, however.