Ron Paul: just another appeaser

This is why Ron Paul should never be president:

watch the video clip here

He’s saying that it’s because “we are occupiers” that this crotch bomber tried to blow up a plane on Christmas day. Paul says it’s because we aren’t paying attention to the motivations, to what these lunatic barbarians are telling us, that it’s our fault they have sworn to see us all dead.

So it’s our fault this guy was motivated to kill at least 300 people? Well, how right he is. It is our fault that we are not Muslims, that we don’t live under a dark ages kind of system of laws, that we don’t live in adobe homes without running water.

Yes, I’ll take the blame for this.

According to Paul’s line of thinking, once we “understand the motivation” of these lunatic barbarians then we can and should adjust our way of living to appease Al-Qaeda. Maybe they’ll like us better if we give up our flush toilets and our women don burqas.

What’s new in this? We already KNOW they want us dead and why. As Hot Air calls it, Paul is another useful idiot and just another apologist for the U.S.

“… as usual, [Paul’s] facts are wrong. He uncritically accepts Abdulmutallab’s assertion that the bomb plot was retaliation for the U.S. airstrike on jihadi camps in Yemen. Not so: As Jake Tapper explained yesterday, this turd had already been mobilized and had even bought his Northwest ticket before we struck. Purely and simply, America’s Greatest Patriot is parroting propaganda cooked up by jihadist pieces of sh*t because it happens to fit his insane foreign policy agenda. Support him and his disciples at your peril.”

7 responses to “Ron Paul: just another appeaser

  • Brad Morrison

    Sorry but in one way I have to disagree with you and agree with Congressman Paul. There is a fundamental disconnect in American Foriegn Policy. We brought the conflict in the middle east to the shores of America by meddling in middle eastern politics and the power structure in that region. If we stayed away from unnecessary and sticky alliances, as George Washington advised, we could stick to only fighting over our narrow self interests abroad. Instead we have set off on a path to help govern and police the world. Once we were attacked we, of course, had to go to war but the real question is did we have to spend 50 years backing Israel blindly? Did we have to leave troops stationed in 40 countries for the last 50 years?

  • steve

    “Understanding” these people is certified b.s. We need to understand the goal of Islam is global domination, period. Their only motivation is hate; and maybe the desire for power. They hate because they haven’t the intellect or desire to contribute anything beneficial to mankind; their only contribution is fear, terror and submission. Here’s a link that will list the terror attacks ALL by Muslims and no amount of ‘understanding’ or ‘nice talk’ is gonna stop this:

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  • roxannadanna

    You almost lost me when I saw this was from an Oregon university but I decided to give you an airing and listen.

    You can call this hard data if you want to but as far as I’m concerned, this is bullshit. To begin with, there have been NO terrorist attacks on the US by Hindus or Marxists from the far East. Those who attacks America or American interests have been Muslims. And if you are listening to what THEY are saying it’s because we are NOT Muslim. We are infidels to those people.

    Furthermore, you can believe what this guy says about “occupying their beloved homeland” but that’s more shit. We are not occupying Saudi Arabia nor were we in 2001. But all the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi’s.

    And yes IT IS about oil… not just our oil but the entire world’s supply of oil. 2 of the largest emerging oil consumers are India and China. How would the world be different if we didn’t protect the world’s oil supply from the Taliban and Al-Qaeda – both RELIGION based terror organizations?

    Sorry but your clip sells nothing but shit to me.
    Thanks for posting and reading, though!


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