Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

Indulging myself, thank you.

You have not lived until you have the state and feds come into your workplace and harangue you for 5 straight days – questioning every single employee,  following nurses on their med passes, watching dressing changes, scouring every document, every chart, taking customers (in our case, residents) into closed rooms and quizzing them on every facet of their care and lives in our facility – until they can find things that will justify their federal, bureaucratic existence.

And when they find one thing, they keep digging and digging until they can find enough or a resident or 2 with a bone to pick to not hang us, but to make us want to slit our own throats.

This has been a nightmare week and I have one more night to suffer it.

These are sadistic bureaucrats, who are employed thanks to my tax dollars. And they are probably some of those federal employees that all got raises this year – unlike me.

I love my job and for the most part, I love the people I work with. Some of the best nurses, work with me. I love the residents I take care of. I love it all so much that I drive 37 miles one way, 3 days a week (fulltime beccause they are 12 hour shifts.)

These vicious tax leeches are bleeding us to death. 5 days of this and now they tell us they are going to extend the survey until Sunday. These “people” come up from Phoenix to “survey” our nursing home. And jeepers, guess where they stay? Across the river in Laughlin, NV —– at a casino. SEVEN DAYS and NIGHTS at a casino resort.

Great work if you can get it, eh?

I can say with a clear conscience that we give good care to people. But these state and federal jerks have our actual careers in their Freddy-like hands. They have the power to not only take our jobs but our licenses – our very livelihoods. And they know it and they love having it. They are malevolent, evil, and sadistic (which all means the same thing, and is more than redundant, but I like saying it anyway.)

Okay this vent it over because I need sleep to make it through one last night of hell…