Mr.President, You’re overplaying your hand

Last week as I was leaving work, Jane texted me and asked if she should get the H1N1 vaccine. She teaches 2nd grade and could get the shot for free.

I told her that I would not get it and working in long term care, I too have been eligible to get the shot for free. I did get the seasonal flu shot and have every year.

She texted me back and said she would follow my advice.

Today I see this: 800,000 vaccines recalled and this. 83% of those answering this poll (and it’s not a scientific poll) say that they do not believe that the H1N2 “crisis” is real: that it’s not as serious as we have been told it was going to be. And now, there is worry that there will be a vaccine surplus because “public interest [in this so-called crisis] is waning.”

It’s very heartening to see that most of us are not buying the “sky is falling” crisis that this administration wants us to believe. At least, we are not buying this one. But when every single month a new emergency, another great crisis, will be landing on our doorstep or crashing our banks or endangering our lives, we start to catch on.

We are not going to live in fear of some unnamed, unknown calamity that YOU, Mr.Obama, keep telling us we are in for if we don’t jump on your bandwagon and give up our choices and our rights. You are not going to scare us into acting without knowing or understanding the reason for action and the consequences of acting.

I think this is one hand that you, Mr.Obama might have over played. Change your tactics. This one is no longer working.

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