Breaking now: Andrew Breitbart subpoened

Apparently, Andrew is in the air now, on his way to NYC following a subpoena from a grand jury.

I’m sure there will be lots more to come.

Update: Andrew will neither confirm or deny a subpoena, on the advice of his attorney. He’s live on talk radio (America Right on Sirius) at this moment.

He says that Eric Holder and this administration “will have so much to deal with” regarding more information that will be forthcoming from his bench.

Personally, I can’t wait for his BigJournalism to break wide open next month!

4 responses to “Breaking now: Andrew Breitbart subpoened

  • dancingczars

    On your find about Andrew, bring it on, it’s a First Amendment issue love to see it reach the Supreme Court so we can determine if he is behind the curtain.
    Sirus radio may very well be a great stock option play as these morons come closer to killing talk radio, they will all go there and we with them, conventional stations will die. Jim

  • dancingczars

    Lisa: I honestly believe, the courts are afraid to hear the case, Constitution be damned. The may very well be with the oligarchy pulling presidential strings for many many years.

    I thing would seal the deal, for get his birth, his parents, where he was born, let’s see his records from Columbia University, how he attended and if as suspected he was a foreign student. That would put an end to the fraud. I’m Jim

  • roxannadanna

    That’s the biggest hurdle we have, I think, Lisa. The courts are so packed with activist judges that we have almost no recourse.

  • LisaInTX

    How interesting. A grand jury supenoa’s HIM after what 2 month’s, but not ONE CASE, about the Nobama Birth certificate can get through in HOW many courts, and how many grand juries, and over a year now………
    Yeah, great court system we have now….a bunch of sell outs to the Communist cause!

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