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Breaking now: Andrew Breitbart subpoened

Apparently, Andrew is in the air now, on his way to NYC following a subpoena from a grand jury.

I’m sure there will be lots more to come.

Update: Andrew will neither confirm or deny a subpoena, on the advice of his attorney. He’s live on talk radio (America Right on Sirius) at this moment.

He says that Eric Holder and this administration “will have so much to deal with” regarding more information that will be forthcoming from his bench.

Personally, I can’t wait for his BigJournalism to break wide open next month!

Mr.President, You’re overplaying your hand

Last week as I was leaving work, Jane texted me and asked if she should get the H1N1 vaccine. She teaches 2nd grade and could get the shot for free.

I told her that I would not get it and working in long term care, I too have been eligible to get the shot for free. I did get the seasonal flu shot and have every year.

She texted me back and said she would follow my advice.

Today I see this: 800,000 vaccines recalled and this. 83% of those answering this poll (and it’s not a scientific poll) say that they do not believe that the H1N2 “crisis” is real: that it’s not as serious as we have been told it was going to be. And now, there is worry that there will be a vaccine surplus because “public interest [in this so-called crisis] is waning.”

It’s very heartening to see that most of us are not buying the “sky is falling” crisis that this administration wants us to believe. At least, we are not buying this one. But when every single month a new emergency, another great crisis, will be landing on our doorstep or crashing our banks or endangering our lives, we start to catch on.

We are not going to live in fear of some unnamed, unknown calamity that YOU, Mr.Obama, keep telling us we are in for if we don’t jump on your bandwagon and give up our choices and our rights. You are not going to scare us into acting without knowing or understanding the reason for action and the consequences of acting.

I think this is one hand that you, Mr.Obama might have over played. Change your tactics. This one is no longer working.

A great question that requires your input. Read and comment, please.

I was asked this question by someone named Kafka, on my “About my blog” page:

how come america has so many governments that are anti-government? And in what relation is that to the failure of the american economy?

I think this is a very important question. I’ve answered it in my own way, but I would love for other bloggers in and out of the Conservative network to add their opinions and thoughts.

I know many of you are much more articulate than I am and lots smarter, too. Please feel free to add to the discussion because I think it’s in questions like this that we are able to make our case for freedom and liberty and what has made America great to those who don’t know.


I’m not sure I understand your question but I’ll make an attempt to answer what I think you are asking.
I think you are asking why there are so many anti-AMERICAN government people here in America and if or how that is a reflection of our economy. So I’ll go from that premise and if I’m misunderstanding you, maybe you can clarify and correct me.

I’ve blogged at several different places and left them because of the America hatred from both Americans and Europeans. The short answer is that many Americans think it’s hip to be on board with the Europeans and hate all things American. Most of those people don’t know their own American history and have no appreciation for where they live and where they came from.

There’s a reason we are Americans and we live here. Unless we are descended from slaves or Native Americans, the true reason is that our ancestors chose this place. (But even those descended from slaves are now here by choice.) We aren’t here by accident. We are here because of a choice made by our grandparents or great-grandparents, to find and create a place of freedom. They did that and it’s been a glorious experiment.

Many of us now see our nation slipping into the dark ages that Marxism will create. We have self-avowed Marxists in our government – many of them are people we never elected. They are taking over every facet of our lives, all our freedoms that we have enjoyed because of those who came before us are being systematically destroyed. We are scared for our country and our children’s futures if this is allowed to succeed.

Marxism is the antithesis of Capitalism.  And marxists hate what America is and what being American means. So in one sense, yes the economy is part of the problem. They believe that Capitalism is evil and they have been dismantling our economy for the last 40 or 50 years. Most of us didn’t realize it. The home mortgage crisis is a direct result of this. It was not greed, as they want you to believe, that caused it. A great part of it was government intervention in the banks, beginning in the 70’s,  that forced the housing collapse in this decade.

Marxists are anti-Republic. We are a republic which is nothing like the totalitarian government they want to see. It’s the exact opposite of Republican government. They believe that they know better than the citizens, what we need and what the government should do for us. But Americans don’t want to be told what to do or what is best for us and we don’t want government doing anything for us. That’s the reason this country was established in the first place so that we could decide for ourselves and not have a government making choices for us.

Marxists hate individualism. They believe in the collective and working for the collective. Most Americans believe in working for themselves and their families and the excellence of the individual. Americans want to keep what they earn and produce. Marxists want to take that and share it with everyone else – redistribution of wealth. They want to destroy the greatness of the individual. And they do not believe in individual responsibility.

Marxism is everything that America is not, never was and was never intended to be. They do not believe in reform, they believe in destruction. Destroy corporations and absorb them, destroy the individual and absorb him into a faceless, nameless mass collective. Much like the Borg, as funny as that sounds. The marxist wants to destroy the American spirit and uniqueness and make us – pardon me for saying so – European. There’s nothing wrong with being European but if that’s how our forefathers envisioned it, we would not have the America that we’ve had.  We would not have the America that millions of Americans have fought and died for in all the wars since the 18th century. They came here to create something different from the European governments they left. Else, why would they have left in the first place?

I would very much like to hear what others have to say about this, so I’ll end my ramblings with this: I think we are witnessing the beginnings of a very civil and bloodless civil war. And if liberty lovers do not win, if the marxists succeed, all other world governments will eventually collapse, too.

Thank you for asking a question that has made me think.