Part 2 of my online adventure. Exposing the true rube that I am.

So as I said, I learned some things last night. For instance, my laptop has a built in mic. I never new that!

And I proved myself to be a genuine rube to countless online folks, including StageRight, himself.

When I found the website for the blog radio, I could see the chat room at the bottom but could not seem to figure out how to hear the radio part. I looked all over for the “click here to listen” but didn’t see it so I clicked on “click here to talk.”

The next thing I know, I’m hearing something! It’s StageRight and he’s speaking my name!

StageRight telling his listeners that someone has clicked on the talk button and this “will be one of those completely screwed up calls.” And he’s laughing.

It was. I was sitting here panicked. I didn’t want to talk – I wanted to listen! My God! I had nothing to add, these folks are all so much smarter than I am! I just wanted to sit on my couch, headset on and listen to smart people…

And he’s still laughing.

“RoxannaDanna, welcome and speak now.”

Silence. I’m now so panicked!

“RoxannaDanna, talk now.”

Silence from my end, except for a football game in the background.

“Okay then, Roxanna. Thanks for calling in!” And he’s loving it and laughing!

Oh, was I ever embarrassed. The entire chat room heard this and saw my name in the room. Everyone knew I was the rube who didn’t know how to behave.

Later on, I listened to the podcast of the show and heard it all again. Jane (my daughter) was laughing so hard at her goofy mom, she was crying.

So, if you ever listen to last night’s show in podcast, at around 59 minutes into the show, I expose the real RoxannaDanna rube-ness to an internet audience!

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