My newest adventure online! And I have to share!

What an exciting night this has been. I had my first experience with blog talk radio and it was really fun!

StageRight, a well-known and well respected blogger at hosts a blog radio program, 6 nights a week (except Wednesday) and I can’t remember what time…. darn it! I think it’s at 10pm PST. And I can download his shows to my iPod, which I intend to do so I can catch up. Tonight’s show was a discussion about the History Channel’s salute to Howard Zinn. More on that in a later blog.

Blog radio is great. I met several nice like minded people and learned so much. I’ve been a reader of StageRight at BigHollywood for a long time so getting to listen to him live and then having him join in the chat room after, was nothing short of awesome!

Tonight, Andrew Breitbart also called in to his show. What could be better?

If you read this and have the time to do so, check out StageRight at and his blog radio broadcasts this week. It’s just totally the most fun thing to do!

5 responses to “My newest adventure online! And I have to share!

  • Austin B.

    Yeah, Roxannadanna, I had a great time too on Stage Right’s show on Blog Talk Radio. I feel more connected with like minded people who love this country.

    • roxannadanna

      Hey, I missed you there last night.

      And thanks for checking out my blog. You might notice a link on the upper right that says conservative network blog. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. There are several great blogs linked there.

      Come back again, Austin! Great to see you and hope to see you on the radio again soon too! lol

  • roxannadanna

    Seriously, it’s great fun.
    You guys need to check it out. It sure makes you feel like you’re not alone in the world, not the crazy one, not so isolated. And connecting with so many really involved and smart folks, is great!

  • dancingczars

    Thanks, I’ve seen them advertised but haven’t done anything about it will check them out, love the enthusiasm, thanks for posting. Jim

  • ClassicFilm

    Great info, Roxy. I, too, have enjoyed reading Stage Right’s commentaries. He wrote an excellent series on the socialism permeating Sesame Street on Big Hollywood… very eye-opening. He’s also been attacked by a ton of leftist hate mail over it.

    Thanks for the tip on blog radio!

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