It’s so stupid, it makes my head hurt!

In the event that you don’t know what this is about, I’m going to have a helluva time explaining it and you can read the whole article here at

New federal law called ENDA – Employment Non-Discrimination Act is on the horizon. The libs seem to think they have a good chance of seeing it pass. You know, on the surface, no one wants to see discrimination in the work place. If one merits a raise or a promotion, that person should get it, regardless of gender or color… yea?

Nevermind that.

This bill is about using the bathroom at work.

If you are a transgendered or transitioning female or male, you are allowed to use the corresponding bathroom. For instance, women who are working into the male thing can use the men’s restroom and vise versa.


we needed a law for this…

8 responses to “It’s so stupid, it makes my head hurt!


    Fire them all.
    They are tanking the economy and debating football ?
    Our ‘Commander in Chief ‘ bows to world leaders who we have spent millions, if not billions of taxpayer dollars to support (China) and rebuild Japan, and Europe, after WW2..

    This moron is taking this country into socialism/Marxism as we celebrate the Christmas and the Holiday Season, when the folks that are out of work, can’t find a job, desperate to pay bills, looking after the family, the house, the vehicle. The benefits may go away, and the big O is cruising at 35,000 ft. above all the drivel that he commands, sneering at the U.S. all the way.

    This president is a liar, determined to take this Country to it’s knees.
    His wife is at least as radical as he is if not more.
    26 attendants ?
    We don’t need a Queen in America.

    The Veterans in this country are watching this unfold before us, and are enraged at how these charlatans are demeaning the liberty that we spent years of our lives defending.
    The Navy Seals that captured that animal that displayed burned bodies hung from a bridge in full display, saying ‘see what we did to the Americans’,
    are up against a court for hitting the bastard.

    McChrystal was hand picked by Obama for a reason. Think about it.

    No Obama has his General of choice in place to restrict and hand-tie the troops to stand out there and observe insurgents planting roadside bombs, setting up mortars, targeting U.S. troop installations, camps.

    I say let the troops do what they have been trained to do.
    If you see someone planting a roadside bomb, you KILL THEM.
    My God, can you imagine what George S. Patton would have called Obama’s administration ?

    • roxannadanna

      You’re right. What would Patton have said about this sham of a presidency?

      Generals like this are no longer.

  • Dena

    Ask me if I care where someone goes to pee.

  • steve

    And to think these folks in Congress actually get paid …
    They’re also pushing a bill through changing the way the BCS determines the national champion college football team … like, since when does the government think they need to control college football?

    • Dena

      My biggest concern about this is the financial awards the divisions receive when a team in their division goes to a bowl game. If congress can get their hands on regulating a championship, then what would be stopping them from inserting their brilliance in regards to the financial end of things.

  • roxannadanna

    This is just one more stupid step by the government on the private business sector.

    How important and serious is this issue… REALLY?
    Going back to my first line: It’s just so stupid!

    And thanks for reading and posting, Adam! 😉

  • Adam B

    Interesting post, i enjoyed it =D

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