American communists – their time is now


Reading about Kevin Jennings reminds me of a guy mentioned in articles I was reading about the Frankfurt School.His name was Georg Lukacs and he was born into a wealthy Jewish Hungarian family. After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and before the founding of the Frankfurt School, Lukacs became an ardent communist. In 1919, he was appointed the Commissioner of Culture for the short-lived Hungarian Soviet government in Budapest.

One of the reasons blamed for the “Budapest experiement” short stint was because of his orders mandating sex education in schools and promoting contraception in a nation that was as ardently Roman Catholic as he was communist.

He was basically run out of town on a rail, a fate that I hope befalls Jennings.

However, Lukacs secretly entered Germany in 1922 via the Soviet Union and co-founded the Frankfurt School –  the roots of the progressive/communist movement that is now controlling American government today. The college students of the 60’s and 70’s who were indoctrinated by professors of the American Frankfurt School, are now running our government and poised to run our entire lives.

This is their moment. Their time has come.

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