Trying the terrorists with what jury?

The lengthy sequestering is one thing and certainly not a minor thing but that aside, how many people will want to sit on this trial after considering the true terrorism they very well might have to endure?

Just consider the risks. How many people want to take the chance of retribution from these terrorist’s sympathizers? The threat to the welfare and lives of jurors and their families? What about the judge and the prosecution? Their lives are at risk, too.

Has this other dipshit of my week, Eric Holder thought about this? I have only seen this discussed in one column and it was on a Catholic website, last week. I’ve not been around reading a lot lately, so there might be others who have thought about this and I’ve missed it.

I’ll tell ya what, if I were called to this jury duty, I’d have to think long and long and hard about taking this risk and putting my family’s welfare on the line.

What a terrorist coup: threatening or harming jurors, judges and prosecutors and their families.

And this proves to the world how great our criminal justice system is – how?

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